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Author: Ron Graham

History of IsraelTimes of Israel series

Ezra and Nehemiah’s Adventures
—and Jerusalem’s continued revival

Time ~ 8. Return of the Remnant
Span ~ 140 years
Books ~ Ezr, Neh, Est, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi
Figures ~ Ezra Nehemiah
Begins with ~ The decree to rebuild Jerusalem
Ascendant empire ~ Medopersia

Our lessons are now well into the Medo-Persian rule. Artaxerxes is king of Persia. The rebuilding, religious restoration, and resettling of the remnant in Jerusalem, is led by Ezra and Nehemiah.

1 There Must Be Revival

From time to time revival must happen among God's people.

They must...

2 Ezra and Nehemiah

Ezra and Nehemiah take up the struggle to resettle the remnant of Judah and Israel in Judah. Three things are going on in Jerusalem.

3 Waiting for Messiah

Much of the story of the returned remnant of Judah is left largely untold in the Bible, since at this point the Old Testament scriptures are completed. The remnant had to go through the Greek era and well into the Roman era before the Christ finally came. Bible prophecy did look forward into these "silent years" between the testaments, as we shall see in the time of Prophecy Unfolding covered in our next two lessons.

4 Bible Summary (Ezra 7-10)

[For the first six chapters of Ezra see Return of the Remnant]

5 Bible Summary (Nehemiah 1-13)

6 A Few Facts About Ezra

7 A Few Facts About Nehemiah


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