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Author: Ron Graham

History of IsraelTimes of Israel series

Paul’s Adventures
—And the gospel’s global outreach

Time ~ 11. Dawning of New Israel
Span ~ 70 years
Books ~ Acts, the Epistles, Revelation
Figures ~ Peter Paul
Begins with ~ Death of Jesus

Another of the great preachers during the dawning of New Israel was the apostle Paul. In this lesson we will look at Paul just as last lesson we looked at Peter.

1 Jesus Recruits His Enemies

Jesus did not choose only from among the faithful and obedient to find those he needed to help establish his kingdom. He also chose from among his enemies. Paul is the notable example. However it must be said that all of us were really enemies of Jesus at one time, and he also called us unto himself.

2 Paul’s Equality with the Twelve

The twelve apostles were a special group in many ways, special enough that it was necessary to replace Judas after he betrayed Christ and committed suicide (Acts 1:15-26). However, the twelve were not the only apostles. Others too had a special mission from God.

Paul, and some of his partners in the gospel, were also apostles (Romans 16:7 Acts 14:14). Paul regarded himself, as far as authority was concerned, an apostle "not one whit behind the very chiefest" (2Corinthians 11:5, 12:11).

Christ used the twelve apostles, including Peter, to establish the kingdom of Heaven (his church) in Jerusalem. He also used them to spread the kingdom throughout the world in widening circles (Acts 1:8). However twelve men alone would be too limited to accomplish that task. The dawning of New Israel was, like the dawning of a new day, to sweep around the globe. So the Lord appointed other apostles and preachers to help with this task. Among these Paul was notable, not only for the work he did, but also for the manner in which he was called.

3 A few facts about Paul

4 Bible Summary (Acts)


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