Author: Ron Graham

Glossary Simplybible

Word Study: Sanctification

Word family: Sanctification, sanctify, sanctity, saint.

Synonyms: Holiness, dedication

Greek References: hagiasmos 38 (Strong) cf 37-42

Related ideas: fellowship, purification, blood, priesthood, Holy Spirit

Definitions: Sanctification is being made holy, purified and set apart for God’s special use or purpose.


  Sanctified through the Spirit by faith and obedience

  Sanctified when justified and redeemed

  Sanctified to serve

Comment: Sanctification or holiness is what makes people saints —a Bible term for Christians, God’s holy or sanctified people. Saints enjoy purification from evil, separateness (but not isolation) from the world, fellowship with all other saints, and enlightenment from God. What's more, they enjoy this sanctification from the moment they become Christians. It's not a "second blessing" for which they must wait.