Author: Ron Graham

Glossary Simplybible

Word Study: Redemption

Word family: Redemption, redeemed Redeemer.

Synonyms: Liberation, ransom, freedom purchased

Related ideas: blood, enslavement, price

Greek References: lutrosis 3085 (Strong) with apo- 629, cf 080-3086 and 3089

Definitions: Redemption is the purchase of freedom for a slave.


  Jesus paid the ransom

  We can be forgiven and freed

  Our redemption is forever

Comment: Satan deceived us into selling our souls for a fool's price, and we became his slaves. Our redemption, however, came at a price determined by God, without asking Satan's agreement or approval. The price had to be right, in order that the transaction be just. But we could not pay the price. So Jesus paid the price for us. With his own blood he redeemed us. So we have now become the slaves of God who treats us as his very sons and heirs.