Author: Ron Graham

Glossary Simplybible

Word Study: Predestination

Word family: Predestination, predestine or predestinate, destiny.

Synonyms: Foreordination, preappointment, predetermination

Related ideas: foreknowledge, eternal purpose, election

Greek References: proorizo 4309 (Strong)

Definitions: Predestination, similar in meaning to foreordination, is the appointment of a person to a predetermined and guaranteed future state.


  God’s purpose and plan

  God’s foreknowledge

  Our obedience

Comment: There are two issues in predestination —first God’s sovereign will and counsel; second man's freedom of choice. Did God elect particular individuals for eternal life, and doom others to eternal death by passing them by, unmoved by any quality or condition in those particular individuals, and without them having any will in the matter?