Author: Ron Graham

Glossary Simplybible

Word Study: Salvation

Word family: Salvation, saved, Saviour.

Synonyms: Deliverance, rescue, preservation in peril

Related ideas: Wrath, lost, way, escape

Greek References: soteeria 4991, cf 4990-4992 and 4982 (Strong)

Definitions: Salvation is being forgiven of sins through the sacrifice by Christ of his own body and blood. We are thereby rescued and preserved from the doom of all sinners. Instead, by the grace of God, we are given eternal life.


  Salvation by grace for all

  Salvation from wrath

  Salvation through obedience and faith

Comment: Christians talk about salvation, the Saviour, and being saved. However, the meaning and doctrine behind these terms is not aways well understood. We are, to put it simply, saved by the love of God from the wrath of God if we believe and obey Christ.