Author: Ron Graham

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Word Study: Deacon

Word family: Deacon, deaconess, deaconry.

Synonyms: servant, service, minister, ministry

Related ideas: eldership, church government, benevolence

Greek References: diakonos 1249 (Strong) cf 1247-1248

Definitions: Deacons are those chosen and appointed by a congregation of Christ to serve in, and be administrators of, various works and ministries.

Scripture chain:

  Pattern for appointment

  Prerequisites for deacons

  Principles for deacons

Comment: The word "deacon" is really just the Greek word diakonos turned into an English word. As such it is rather meaningless to those who do not know Greek. The word diakonos, if actually translated (rather than merely transliterated) means servant or minister. Most of the time it is rendered as such, and it is questionable whether the use of "deacon" in the few instances is necessary or helpful.