Author: Ron Graham

Glossary Simplybible

Word Study: Faith

Word family: Faith, faithful, faithfulness.

Synonyms: Believing, belief, confidence, trust

Related ideas: Trustworthiness, receiving or accepting, assurance of hope,

Greek References: pistis 4102 (Strong) cf 4103

Definitions: Faith is full acceptance of the gospel of Christ --belief in its facts, commitment to its principles, trust in its Author, acknowledgement of his authority, confidence in his promises, obedience to his commandments.


  Faith for all

  Faith for living

  Faith for perfection

Comment: Protestant reformation theology held that faith is entirely a work of God for his chosen who are saved by faith alone. Paul's teaches "the obedience of faith" (Romans 1:5) agreeing with James that one is saved by faith and works together, not by either alone.