Author: Ron Graham

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Word Study: Hades

Word family: Hades, hadean.

Synonyms: Sheol (Hebrew)

Related ideas: death, "sleep", the grave, resurrection, destiny

Definitions: Hades is the "not seen" nether world where the souls of the dead await the resurrection at the second coming of Christ.

Greek References: hades 86 (Strong) from 1 a- not, and 1492 oida/ideo to see, cf 3700 etc


  Nature of Sheol/Hades

  A Messianic prophecy about Sheol/Hades

  Christ’s power over Sheol/Hades

Comment: Hades (Sheol in the Old Testament) is sometimes translated or interpreted as "the grave". The Psalmist indeed refers to "Sheol" and then to "the pit" (Psalms 30:3). Some assert that the Psalmist is speaking of the grave where the fleshly body decays at death. The Psalmist, however, speaks of Sheol as a place for the "soul" and nobody's soul has ever been buried in a grave. Another translation of Sheol is "hell" which confuses Sheol with Gehenna, the eternal abode of the wicked. Because of these problems some translators prefer to merely transliterate, thus they put the words Sheol and Hades.