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Author: Ron Graham

Sermon on Mount

Quizzes and Puzzles
—Matthew 7

This page continues to study Matthew chapter 7 and the Sermon on the Mount, presenting puzzles and quizzes for your enjoyment in learning.

1 Crossword Puzzle

Most of the words or ideas in this puzzle refer to Matthew chapter 7.

1 2 3 4
        6 7
8 9 10  
13 14   15
Touch a square
to reveal its letter.
By Ron Graham (C) 2013



1. They don't give a fig.

5. If you ask rightly, God won't say this.

6. Editor (abbreviation).

8. Describe a false prophet.

11. A false prophet is not this, but comes by stealth.

12. False prophets look like these but they are wolves.

13. Typographical measure.

15. Rain will do this in a storm.

16. By half measures, not wholly.

17. Preferred rock to sand (2 words).


1. Prickly plants.

2. “Log -- your own eye”.

3. Therefore.

4. False prophets tell you this.

7. The broad and popular road leads to this.

9. Look in vain for these on a thornbush.

10. The wise builder is a good one.

14. “Depart from -- you who practice lawlessness.”

15. The house on the sand became a ---- of wreckage.


1A=thistle, 1D=thornbushes, 2D=in, 3D=so, 4D=lie, 5A=no, 6A=ed, 7D=destruction, 8A=rogue, 9D=grapes, 10D=example, 11A=blatant, 12A=sheep, 13A=em, 14D=me, 15A=pelt, 15D=pile, 16A=semi, 17A=wise man.


2 Quick Quest

In which verses of Matthew 7 are these criteria by which God will judge us?

1. Judgment of others.

2. Wisely sharing holy things.

3. Asking and Seeking God.

4. Treatment of others.

5. The road ckosen to walk in life

6. Prophets you believe

7. Doing God’s will

ANSWERS: [1]=verses 1-5; [2]=verse 6; [3]=verses 7-11; [4]=verse 12; [5]=verses 13-14; [6]=verses 15-20; [7]=verses 21-27.

3 Multiple Choice Quiz

Read the question, and decide the answer you think is most correct.

1. What incincere address is quoted by Jesus? A. Ladies and Gentlemen, B. Lord! Lord! C. Heavenly Father.

2. What did people say about Jesus and his words? A. He had authority, B. He taught like their scribes did, C. He was a fool.

3. Who receives salvation from God? A. Everyone who seeks, asks, and otherwise obeys, B. Whoever gets picked in heaven’s lottery, C. All and sundry.

4. Who is wise? A. Those who hear Christ’s words, B. Those who do what Jesus says, C. Those who do both.

5. What kind of knockers does God like? A. Those who knock and misjudge others, B. Those who knock down houses, C. Those who knock at his door.

ANSWERS [1]=B. Lord! Lord!; [2]=A. He had authority; [3]=A. Everyone who seeks, asks, and otherwise obeys; [4]=C. Those who do both; [5]=C. Those who knock at his door.


4 Questions from Matthew 5,6,7.

1. What part of the human anatomy is mentioned in all three chapters of the sermon on the mount?

2. What does Jesus call people who show off when they pray and give to charity?

3. Jesus tells us to store up treasures. Where does he say we should put them?

4. Are there people who call Jesus "Lord" and even claim to work miracles in his name, yet are people whom Jesus considers lawless and won't have anything to do with? If so, are they few in number?

5. What a bad tree cannot do, a bad person cannot do. What can't they do?

6. Jesus told us how we should treat people at all times. What did he say?

7. What did Jesus think each day has enough of?

ANSWERS [11]=Eye; [2]=Hypocrites; [3]=Heaven; [4]=Yes there are, and no, they are not few but many; [5]=Bear good fruit; [6]=“Whatever you want people to do to you, do also to them.”; [7]=Worry and trouble;


Webservant Ron Graham

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