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Author: Ron Graham

Sermon on Mount

Quiz and Crossword
—Matthew 5

This page continues to study Matthew chapter 5 and the Sermon on the Mount, presenting puzzles and quizzes for your enjoyment in learning.

1 Crossword Puzzle

The words and ideas in this puzzle come from Matthew chapter 5.

1   2 3
5 6 7
8 9
10 11 12
13 14
Touch a square
to reveal its letter.
By Ron Graham (C) 2013



1. Agree with your adversary in the ---.

2. Jesus was teaching about the new ---.

5. Those you have in heaven are best by far.

8. Given joy from God in spite of trouble.

10. Jesus condemns this with regard to morality.

13. One who persecutes with evil words.


1. What enemies make with each other.

3. Who sends the rain?

4. Where you put a light.

6. Anything more than yes is this.

7. You have heard that it was ---- to those of old...

8. You don't put a light under this.

9. These should not look lustfully.

11. Do this with your adversary.

12. Do this with those who ask of you.

14. Great is your reward -- heaven.


1A=way, 1D=war, 2A=age, 3D=God, 4D=lampstand, 5A=rewards, 6D=evil, 7D=said, 8A=blessed, 8D=bowl, 9D=eyes, 10A=laxness, 11D=agree, 12D=share, 13A=reviler, 14D=in.


2 Quick Quest

In which verse of Matthew 5 do you find...

1. A slap on the cheek?

2. A hidden light?

3. The rising sun?

4. A hair of your head?

5. A lustful eye?

6. An insulting word?

7. Tasteless salt?

8. A huge inheritance?

9. A small pen stroke?

10. An altar?

11. A footstool?

12. A tooth?

13. A false vow?

14. Your neighbour?


1=v.39, 2=v.15, 3=v.45, 4=v.36, 5=v.28, 6=v.22, 7=v.13, 8=v.5, 9=v.18, 10=v.23, 11=v.35, 12=v.38, 13=v.33, 14=v.43.


3 Try This

Here’s a thought-provoker for you. Match each description (A,B,C etc), with possible meanings (1,2,3, etc). There might be more than one match.

  • A Those who mourn
  • B The meek
  • C The poor in spirit
  • D The hungry and thirsty
  • E The merciful
  • F The pure in heart
  • G The peacemakers
  • H The persecuted

1. Loving God’s treasures more than money

2. Under God’s power, not seeking power

3. Having no desire to do evil

4. Having a sorrow for sin unto repentance

5. Giving glory to God, not boasting of self

6. Humble and contrite before God

7. Craving God’s truth and fellowship

8. Forgiving and helping, not condemning

9. Promoting fellowship with God and man

10. Obeying God whatever the consequences

11. Loving righteousness and hating evil

12. Letting God’s light shine in your life


A~4,6; B~2,6; C~1,6; D~7; E~8,11; F~10,11,12; G~8,9; H~10. (Other answers than these may be correct).


Webservant Ron Graham

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