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Author: Ron Graham

Book of Acts

Acts Facts Quiz
—Number 1

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1. Arrange the following from north to south... Azotus, Damascus, Derbe, Joppa.

2. Arrange the following cities from east to west... Athens, Ephesus, Jerusalem, Rome.

3. Which is not a city of Achaia? Athens, Berea, Cenchrea, Corinth.

4. Which of these is an island? Cape Salmone, Corinth, Crete, Cyrene.

5. Which of these is a city or town? Asia, Attalia, Bithynia, Galatia.

6. In which city did the church of Christ begin? Athens, Ephesus, Jerusalem, Rome? (Acts 2)

7. In which city was Saul of Tarsus converted? Damascus, Jerusalem, Tarsus, Troas. (Acts 9)

8. In which city did Demetrius the silversmith oppose Paul so that the whole city was in uproar? Alexandria, Ephesus, Rome, Samaria. (Acts 19)

9. In which city were the people very devoted both to idols and to discussing new ideas? Athens, Berea, Caesarea, Sidon (Acts 17)

10. In which city did Philip find himself after he had taught and baptized the man from Ethiopia? Azotus, Gaza, Joppa, Samaria. (Acts 8)

11. Which of these cities is well inland, not near the coast? Azotus, Gaza, Jerusalem, Joppa.

12. Which of these is not a city of Macedonia? Amphipolis, Apollonia, Corinth, Philippi.

13. Which of these regions is more westwards? Asia, Bithynia, Galatia, Pisidia.

14. Which city is a long way from the others? Derbe, Iconium, Lystra, Miletus.

15. Is this list clockwise or not? Athens, Ephesus, Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria.

16. Name the town from which Lydia came. One of the seven churches of Asia was located there.

17.Name the island Barnabas came from. He and Paul sailed there at the start of the 1st missionary journey.

18.Name the city in Achaia where Paul made tents with Aquila and Priscilla (Acts 18)

19. Name the seaport that was Cornelius’s home town. There Paul was taken after his nephew exposed a plot to kill him (Acts 23).

20. Name the province to which Paul was called in a vision during his 2nd missionary journey (Acts 16).

21. Pick the odd one out: Galilee, Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria.

22. Pick the odd one out: Cappadocia, Cilicia, Cyprus, Galatia.

23. Pick the odd one out: Derbe, Iconium, Lystra, Sidon.

24. Pick the odd one out: Phoenicia, Phrygia, Pisidia, Salamis

25. Pick the odd one out: Cenchrea, Cnidus, Miletus, Troas.

26. Which is a person and not a place? Apollonia, Aquila, Assos, Attalia.

27. Which is a person and not a place? Chios, Clauda, Claudius, Coos.

28. Which is a person and not a place? Lycia, Lydda, Lydia, Lystra.

29. Which is a person and not a place? Matthias, Melita, Myra, Mysia.

30. Which is a person and not a place? Phoenix, Phrygia, Ptolemais, Publius.



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