Author: Ron Graham

Glossary Simplybible

Word Study: Grace

Word family: Grace, gracious, gratitude

Synonyms: kindness

Related ideas: Love, mercy, forgiveness, unworthiness, salvation, faith and obedience, law, joy, thanksgiving, gifts.

Definitions: Grace is kindness, merciful favour. It characterises God’s attitude toward us, and generates our gratitude toward him.

Greek References: karis (charis) 5485 (Strong) cf 5463, 5483-5487, 2168-2170


  We are saved by grace

  We continue in God’s grace

  We show gratitude [good grace] to God

Comment: Grace is said to be free, in the sense that we do not have to have the wherewithal to pay for it. It is a gift of God. However grace is not unconditional. It requires belief in God’s promises and obedience to his commandments. Whilst neither faith nor obedience merit salvation, they are necessary in order to receive salvation by grace. (cf Romans 1:5)