Author: Ron Graham

Glossary Simplybible

Word Study: Gift

Word family: Gift, gifted.

Synonyms: Blessing, talent, ministry, ability, power, endowment, skill.

Related ideas: Service (ministry), growth and edification, sanctification, God’s work, God’s providence, the Holy Spirit.

Definitions: A gift of God is a power or ability bestowed naturally or supernaturally for the purpose of serving God.

Greek References: karisma (charisma) 5486 (Strong) cf 5483-5487 dorea 1431 (Strong) cf 1432-1435


  The Gift of eternal life

  Miraculous and providential gifts

  Using our gifts

Comment: Every gift is from God, whether we are born with it or receive it along the way. Therefore we ought to serve God with the gifts he has given us. Our lives have meaning when we endeavour to disover our gifts and to find ways to use them for God’s purpose.