Author: Ron Graham

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Word Study: Prophet

Word family: Prophet, prophetess, prophecy, prophesy (verb).

Synonyms: Seer, prediction, revelation, foretell, forewarn.

Related ideas: Inspiration, revelation, preaching, ministry, miracles, Holy Spirit.

Definitions: A prophet was a preacher or proclaimer of God’s word, however in addition to preaching from the scriptures, was able to speak by direct revelation from God, as moved by the Holy Spirit who imparted the gift of prophecy.

Greek References: propheetees prophet 4396 (Strong), propheetia prophecy 4394, propheetuo prophesy 4395, cf 5457 phos, 5316 phaino light shining


  Prophecy principles

  Some prophets around the time of Christ

  Prophets in the church

Comment: The prophet's preaching is often predictive, and we often think of prophecy as about the future. Indeed, the test of a prophet was that his words prove true (Deuteronomy 13:1-5, 18:18-22). However, the work of the prophet was to preach God’s word as he or she was moved by the Holy Spirit. The prophet was a "forthteller", rather than merely a "foreteller". The prophet’s message from God might be as much about the past and present as about the future.