Author: Ron Graham

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Word Study: Regeneration

Word family: Regeneration, regenerate.

Synonyms: rebirth, new birth,“born again”, renewal, re-creation.

Related ideas: baptism, forgiveness, the gift of the Holy Spirit, resurrection, spiritual death, eternal life.

Definitions: Regeneration is being “born again” (spiritually of course, not bodily). The “old person” (the condemned sinner) is no more, and a “new person” (the saint) is re-created in Christ.

Greek References: palingenesia 3824 (Strong) cf 3825 palin again, 1078 (1074-1088) genesis birth, generation.


Regeneration and the Word

Regeneration and the Resurrection

Regeneration and baptism

Regeneration and the Holy Spirit

Comment: “Regeneration” is a big word for renewal or rebirth. Likewise being “regenerated” is simply being “born again”. Rebirth is important in the doctrine of Christ. It is bringing back to life of a person who is spiritually dead —dead in sin. It is not merely a spiritual resuscitation but a complete new start, a new genesis for the person. We may think of regeneration as a precursor of the resurrection at the last day, when begins a new life without end in heaven. We may consider it so, because the Holy Spirit, given at our rebirth, is a guarantee or down payment of that eternal life.