Author: Ron Graham

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Word Study: Intercession

Word family: Intercession, intercessor, intercede.

Synonyms: supplication, making a plea on behalf of someone, conciliation.

Related ideas: priesthood, mediation, paraclete or advocate, prayer, confession and forgiveness of sin, trials and troubles.

Definitions: The Macquarie Dictionary gives this definition: " interpose on behalf of one in difficulty or in trouble, as by pleading or petition..." In the gospel, an intercessor is a go-between or advocate who represents and pleads our case to God.

Greek References: entuxis 1783 (Strong), and entunkano 1793 cf 5241


  Intercession by Christ

  Intercession by the Holy Spirit

  Intercession by Believers

Comment: The intercession for the saints by Jesus and the Holy Spirit is easy enough to understand. We must be very careful, however, when talking about ourselves, as believers in Christ, being intercessors. We may speak (as the scripture does) of our making intercession by prayer for someone. However, we should mean that we pray for someone through the Holy Spirit and through Jesus Christ. When referring to something that we ourselves do, the word “intercede” means no more than to pray and plead for somebody. We must remember that it is Christ and the Spirit who have special access to God. No believer has access to God except through the Son of God and the Spirit of God. No believer has a greater privilege than any other. In praying or making intercession for others, we do not ursurp the intercessory work of Christ and the Spirit.