Author: Ron Graham

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Word Study: Revelation

Word family: Revelation, reveal, apocalypse, apocalyptic.

Synonyms: Disclosure, manifestation, unveiling, making known, bringing to light.

Related ideas: Inspiration, prophecy, second coming, mystery, visions, spiritual gifts, the Holy Spirit.

Definitions: Revelation is the process of God making known to man the will of God —disclosing the things of God which man needs to know, but cannot discover by his own thought and investigation. Revelation is the unveiling of God’s plan for mankind.

Greek References: apokalupsis revelation, apocalypse, 602 (Strong), apokalupto to reveal 601.


  The Second Coming

  The Gospel of Christ

  Miraculous Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Comment:“Apocalypse” is the name of the last book of the Bible. “Apocalypse” is merely the Greek word for “revelation”. The name of the book is used today as a word for certain events described in the book. In the book itself, however, as in the rest of the New Testament, the word apocalypse simply means revelation although it is scripturally used for the second coming of Christ when he will "be revealed from heaven" (2Thessalonians 1:7, 1Peter 1:7). It is often said that the Book of Revelation is “apocalyptic literature”. That's correct provided that we mean it is revelatory literature —but then that is true of the entire Bible. The so-called “apocalyptic literature” is a collection of counterfeit pseudo revelations made up by men. The books of the Bible are genuine revelations from God.