Author: Ron Graham

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Word Study: Hallelujah

Word group: Hallelujah, Alleluia, Hosanna, Abba, Maranatha.

Related ideas: praise, prayer, doxology, benediction, worship, heaven


Greek and Hebrew References:


  Hallelujah (Alleluia)




Comments: This is a group of rare words. The above scripture chain includes all references where these words are used in the Bible —you may be surprised to find that Hallelujah is used in only one Bible passage. These four words are not really Greek words, but Hallelujah, Hosanna, and Abba are Hebrew words, whilst maranatha is Aramaic. Some people link maranatha to anathema, to make the phrase anathema maranatha which is said to mean "Be cursed and our Lord come to judge you!" I am more inclined to think that Paul used the word maranatha as the first word in his closing benediction.