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Author: Ron Graham

Training to Teach and Preach

Dreaded Test and Assignment 2
—On Bible study techniques

The test and assignment below belong to the training series "Success in the Pulpit".

Questions for Review

1. What do you use a pencil for when preparing to read the Bible in public? (A) Marking pauses and emphasis, (B) Doodling , (C) Pointing to words;.

2. How should you practice the public reading? (A) Silent reading, (B) Read aloud, (C) Don’t need to practice.

3. When reading the Bible in public, in what order should you announce the place? (A) Verse, book, chapter, (B) Chapter, verse, book, (C) Book, chapter, verse.

4. What sermon technique is the easiest to use and often the best method for your topic? (A) Analogy, (B) Simple list outline, (C) Expository.

5. How many sermon types are there to choose from? (A) One, (B) Four, (C) Seven.

6. What is the most direct and difficult sermon technique? (A) Expository preaching, (B) Topical preaching, (C) Preaching without method.

7. What method has great potential but is largely neglected? (A) Topical preaching, (B) Bible story or biography, (C) The ramble.


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