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Author: Ron Graham

Training to Teach and Preach

Dreaded Test and Assignment 3
—On preparing sermons

The test and assignment on this page belong to the training series "Success in the Pulpit".

Questions for Review

1. What is the main part in the three parts of a lesson presentation? (A) Introduction, (B) Body, (C) Conclusion, (D) , (E) .

2. What is the purpose of a lesson’s introduction? (A) Gain attention, (B) State topic clearly, (C) Both of those.

3. What is the purpose of a lesson’s conclusion? (A) Sum up the lesson, (B) Close with a meaningful and memorable sentence, (C) Both of those.

4. What is the purpose of the body of a lesson? (A) To present the material in related and proven points, (B) To elaborate and illustrate the points where necessary, (C) Both of those.

5. What is allowable in the conclusion? (A) Draw main points together, (B) Introduce new points, (C) Both of those.

6. When should your theme and main idea become known to the audience? (A) In the introduction, (B) In the body of the lesson, (C) In the conclusion.

7. What is a signpost in preaching? (A) Any device that helps the audience to follow the path of your sermon, (B) A verse of scripture, (C) An illustration.


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