Author: Ron Graham

Seal of God

The Security of the Saints
—Blessings of Sanctification

In our previous lesson we noted the marks and blessings of “saints”. Now we supplement that lesson with another chart relating to the final three of our 17 principles concerning the seal of God.

15th principle: All the saints are sealed.

16th principle: Only saints are sealed.

17th principle: All the saved are saints.

The term “sealed” in connection with God’s saints describes the security of the saints in God’s hand. Sometimes we hear it called the perseverance of the saints. Whatever we call it, this security of the saints (but not the doctrine that it is unconditional) is clearly taught in the scriptures. This lesson is a simple scripture chain on this security of the saints.

Blessings and Responsibilities of Saints

1 God’s Gift

2 God’s Protection

3 The Saint’s Responsibility