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Author: Ron Graham

Isaiah Lessons

The God Who Seeks
—But is rejected

Our God is the most high God, exalted above all things, the Creator and Ruler of all things, and altogether good and just. Although he is so high, he diligently seeks out those whom he has created, and makes himself known to humanity. He helps human beings to seek him and find him. In most cases, however, they reject God and do not seek God.

1 God Reigning

The book of Isaiah acknowledges the majesty of God and speaks of him as "high".

2 God Revealed

Isaiah also teaches us that the most high God wants men and women to know him and seek him, and therefore has revealed himself to the people of earth.

3 God Rejected

Isaiah shows that, although the Most High has made every effort to make himself known to the world, most people reject God.


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