Author: Ron Graham

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“I Can” to “Indwelling”
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arrow I Can! I Can! (Philippians) SERIES Paul’s letter to the Philippians is full of encouragement. The theme is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Series includes two quiz pages.

arrow Iconium Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Iconium. Includes a map of the region.

arrow Idolatry Solomon’s Sin and SorrowFactors behind Solomon’s sin and fall from glory: his excess, his disobedience, his neglect, and his several faults.

arrow Idolatry Josiah, Judah’s Good KingThe son and grandson of good king Hezekiah made Judah more idolatrous than the pagans who had previously occupied the land. Yet Hezekiah’s great grandson Josiah lived even more righteously than Hezekiah himself.

arrow If Unconditional ElectionHas God unconditionally chosen or elected some people for eternal life, whilst passing others by?

arrow If If We Sin WilfullyWe are going to examine seven portions of scripture that show we Christians, although certainly secure, nurtured, and protected, will not remain so unless we respond to God’s grace and diligently fulfill his conditions according to his purpose for us.

arrow Ignorance Sinning in IgnoranceIf you do something wrong, thinking it right; or something right, thinking it wrong; are you guilty?

arrow Ignorance Ignorance and InnocenceHow does God view sins committed in ignorance? Does he deem a person innocent who sins without realising it?

arrow Ignorance Knowledge and Ignorance: Learn Christ or Know NothingYou can know God and his will for you, or you can be ignorant of the truth about God. Is your heart in a state of knowledge or ignorance? That's a question of absolute first importance.

arrow Ignorant Not Ignorant of His Devices (2Corinthians 2:11)A lesson about three devices or schemes that Satan uses so as to get an advantage over us. We shouldn't be ignorant of these devices.

arrow Illyricum Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Illyricum. Includes a map of the region.

arrow Illness, spiritual Is There No Balm in Gilead?There is a balm in Gilead. Why do people not come to the heavenly physician for spiritual healing? Three possible reasons.

arrow Image, self Your Self EsteemThe Bible teaches the importance of self esteem. A poor self image makes an unfruitful servant of God.

arrow Imagery, poetic Book of PsalmsPart of an overview of the Psalms. Includes useful reference material.

arrow Imagery Word Pictures (Matthew 7)A look at the imagery in Matthew 7, and an outline of the chapter.

arrow Imitating Toward Our GoalTen principles for achieving any worthwhile goal, especially a Christian goal.

arrow Immersion Is Baptism Immersion?In this lesson we study what is sometimes called the form or action of baptism.

arrow Immortality Do We Already Have Eternal Life?Christians already have been given eternal life, however it has not yet begun. We explain.

arrow Immunity from suffering Through Much TribulationThis study in Revelation helps us understand the troubles and suffering we go through.

arrow Immutable things Promises to AbrahamThe faith and hope of Abraham stood on two immutable things: the promise of Christ and the oath that confirmed it.

arrow Impersonal Is the Holy Spirit an Impersonal Force?Discusses the Personhood of the Holy Spirit showing his attributes of personality.

arrow Importunate Parable of the Importunate WidowA look at the parables of Friends at Midnight and the Persistent Widow.

NoteIMPOTENT: means powerless, weak, ineffectual. In contrast, power from God and the gospel (Romans 1:16) can achieve all godly aims and desires. Against all odds we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). Other powers fall short and disappoint.

arrow Imputed sin Law and the Imputation of SinThe first of three lessons from Romans that examine the relationship between sin and divine law.

arrow In God in Us and We in God (Chart)Shows the Christian’s relationship with God. A concordance of scriptures that speak of the Christian “in” God, and God “in” the Christian.

arrow In In, With, UnderA Bible lesson built upon three powerful prepositional phrases: in Christ, with Christ, and under Christ.

arrow Inability T ~Total DepravityExamines human nature, and the mechanism by which sin and death spread to all. Is it by heredity or by contagion?

arrow Indwelling of Spirit The Indwelling of the Holy SpiritDoes the Holy Spirit dwell in the Christian? If so, how and why?

arrow Indwelling of Spirit Why the Holy Spirit Dwells in UsThe indwelling of the Holy Spirit, in every obedient believer in Jesus Christ, is clearly taught in the gospel. But what is the purpose of this indwelling?

arrow Indwelling of Spirit The Unbreakable SealEvery one who is a Christian has the Holy Spirit as the seal of God, and this is distinct from the miraculous gifts which were given only to some.