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Omeo Sheep Country By Susanne Graham

Title: Omeo Sheep Country.

Medium: Oil on canvas.

Size: 54cm x 45cm (including frame).

Description: The Omeo sheep country with the beautiful rolling hills and dry plains are a reminder of the different and diverse country that makes the Australian landscape.

Dargo High Plains Morning Fog By Susanne Graham

Title: Dargo High Plains Morning Fog.

Medium: Oil on canvas.

Size: 52cm x 44cm.

Description: The old cattle grid on the Dargo High Plains in the morning fog was painted after travelling through the high plains on the the way to a camp.

The family would travel across the plains early in the morning each Easter Friday to a church camp at Lima South. With her husband and four children, they would get up really early before the sun got up to travel and the fog would still be on the mountains.

Dad Fishing By Susanne Wickham

Title: Dad Fishing.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

Description: Dad pulling the net to catch a school of garfish. When Susanne was a girl she, and her two brothers and sister, would help their father pull the net for food for the family. This painting is inspired by her early life in Queensland.

Bora Ring

Title: Bora Ring Kgari.

Medium: Oil on canvas.

Size: 111cm x 91cm (including frame)

Description: [03] The large Bora Ring can still be seen today on Kgari. This painting “sings the song of the past” with the didgeridoo player singing the song.

Framing: Professionally framed.

Kanaker Bell

Title: Kanaker Bell.

Medium: Oil on canvas.

Size: 93cm x 64cm (including frame).

Description: The bell was rung throughout the day to tell the kanaka workers of the starts and breaks in their day. It still remains as a reminder of the part it played in the lives of the farmers and their workers in the Isis district.

Framing: Professionally framed.