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Author: Ron Graham


God’s Plan of Salvation
—Paul’s letter to the Romans

A series of lessons in Paul’s letter to the Romans. We examine faith and works, sin and its solution, the power of the gospel, the chain of events in salvation, and God’s living way. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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God’s Plan of Salvation How we are saved and what we are saved from.

Faith and Works Paul teaches salvation by obedience of faith, not faith alone. Otherwise he'd contradict Moses, David, James, and even himself.

The Source of SinThe source of sin is not God’s law or our flesh, or Adam. What then is the source of sin?

The Solution to SinWill power and ascetism are not the solution to sin, nor are good works. What then is the solution to sin?

The Gospel is the Power Three kinds of power in the gospel... the power to enlighten, to save, and to establish.

The Chain of Great Events A chain of events is experienced by everyone who obeys God's plan of salvation. Paul presents this chain in three different ways.

God's Living Way God's way of salvation leads to the eternal life of God. Why few find it and keep hold of it.

TRACT Giant Problem!Whatever other big problems you have, this problem is bigger.

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