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Author: Ron Graham


Giant Problem
—How to solve it

What do you do if you have several problems, but one of them is a really giant one? It wouldn't make much sense to worry about the smaller problems and just ignore the giant one, would it?. That would be like stooping down to pick up the coins you dropped while crossing the road, and ignoring the big truck that is heading straight for your backside!

1 The Biggest Problem You Have

You do have a giant problem. Whatever other problems you may have, no matter how big they are, this problem is bigger. And I mean BIGGER!

Everybody else has got this giant problem too. A lot of them know about it, but they don't do anything about it. They just ignore it.

The giant problem is this: At any moment your life could end, and you don't have much control over that. You probably know your birthday, but you don't know your deathday, do you? It could even be today for all you know.

After your death day, you will find yourself in front of God’s throne being judged by him. Nothing anywhere near that big has ever happened to you, and nothing else is as certain. You must give an account of yourself. What are you going to say?

2 The High Standard of God

God has a very high standard that you'll be measured against. It won't be enough to be good. You'll have to be perfect, and I mean PERFECT!

You might say, "But that's not fair!". Even if you were bold enough to say that to God, it wouldn't do any good.

Don't get the idea that God is mean or unkind. God is unimaginably kind and absolutely fair. However, his love comes to you on his terms, not yours. He doesn't allow you to be imperfect. Instead, he makes a way for you to become perfect.

There's only one way. Refuse or neglect that way, and you have rejected the kindness of God, leaving you with the only alternative: God’s anger.

Now the trouble with God’s anger is that it means you are cast away from God and into "outer darkness" with all those who have not accepted God’s kindness -not only the worst of the wicked among humanity, but also the most horrible demons. Problems don't get any worse.

3 Only One Solution

The worst part of the problem is that there's no way to undo it. You don't get a second chance. The punishment is not for a term; it is everlasting, and I mean EVERLASTING!

The kindness of God allows you to escape his anger and instead receive everlasting life and happiness. He does this by making you newly perfect in his sight. How he does this is well known.

God has one special Son. He also is God, but he came into the world and became a man —Jesus. He lived a perfect life, but he was killed like a common criminal by crucifixion. God accepted this death as a sacrifice, enabling God to forgive the sins of all who believe and obey his Son. He then raised his Son from death, and received him back into glory where he is now preparing a home for you.

He'll help you sort out your giant problem, and then help you with the smaller ones too.

Six Steps to Grace

The words of Paul in Romans (and his agreement with Jesus in the gospels) on what people should do to receive grace.

1. Hearing Christ’s word (Romans 10:8-17, Matthew 7:24).

2. Believing —having faith (Romans 1:16-17, John 3:16).

3. Repentance from sin (Romans 2:4-5, Romans 6:1-2, Luke 5:31-32).

4. Confessing Christ (Romans 10:8-10, Matthew 10:32).

5. Being baptized into Christ’s death (Romans 6:3-4, Mark 16:15-16).

6. Ongoing commitment (Romans 12:1-2, Romans 12:11-12, Luke 9:62).

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