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Author: Ron Graham

1st John

John’s First Epistle
—Christ, faith, truth, love, and sin

A study of the first letter of John, looking at what John says about Christ, faith, truth, love, and sin. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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Christ in the FleshWhat John Says About Christ (1). To begin our study of the first letter of John, we look at how John deals with the idea that Christ came in the flesh, in other words the human nature of Christ.

Great Truths About JesusWhat John Says About Christ (2). In this second lesson, we look at John's view of Jesus in a more general way.

Faith is the VictoryWhat John Says About Faith. John emphasises two important characteristics of Christians who have true faith.

Antichrist: Enemy of TruthWhat John Says About Truth. John does not want people to be led astray by lies spread by antichrist. John has born witness to the truth and his witness is true because it comes from Jesus Christ.

A New Standard of LoveWhat John Says About Love (1). Jesus Christ is the origin and example of true godly love. Love does not smile sweetly at sin. Rather, love demands obedience to God's word.

Love and the CrossWhat John Says About Love (2): By following God's commands we can assure ourselves that we have nothing to fear on judgment day, since we have forgiveness through Christ who died for us.

Whole World in WickednessWhat John Says About Sin (1): "Everyone who practises righteousness is born of him... No one who is born of God practises sin... The one who practises sin is of the devil" (1John 2:29; 3:6-10).

Forgiveness of SinsWhat John Says About Sin (2). We concentrate on how Jesus provides the way to be forgiven of sin and to conquer it through him.

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