Author: Ron Graham


—False theories of the second coming

A series of lessons addressing the ideas and suppositions of the popular premillennial doctrines about the second coming and the kingdom of God. Touch any title next to an arrow in the list below.

arrow Premillennial TimetableA chart of the premillennial view of the future. This chart does not show what the Bible teaches, but serves as a reference for the series of lessons on premillennialism.

arrow Back to ShadowsWill the Millennium see Christ institute the law of Moses again along with temple sacrifices and festivals?

arrow Newspaper BibleThe premillennial view of end times relies on interpreting Bible prophecy as though it reads like, and foretells, what we read today in our newspapers and hear and see on our newscasts.

arrow Jigsaw Puzzle BibleThe premillennial view of end times rests on interpreting Bible prophecy as though it’s a jigsaw puzzle —all in jumbled bits and pieces that have to be pieced together for a coherent picture to emerge.

arrow Literal BibleThere’s an idea that Bible prophecy should consistently be taken literally. This lesson examines whether the premillennial interpretation of the Bible is literal as claimed.

arrow Literal and Figurative - What's It All AboutThere’s a lot of confusion about what’s figurative and what's literal in the Bible, and about what these terms mean. How do we decide which prophecies are literal, which are figurative, and which are both?

arrow The Prophecy ClockWas there a parenthesis in prophecy? Did the prophecy clock stop? Did Jesus fail to set up his kingdom?

arrow Daniel's Seventy Weeksdiscusses the seventy weeks and the decrees to rebuild Jerusalem.

arrow History and Daniel's 70 WeeksMore Bible study about the seventy weeks of Daniel chapter 9.

arrow What is PremillennialismA brief look at what premillennialists generally say will happen in the near future and the 30 chapters they base it on.

arrow The Premillennial View of the ChurchSeven things about the church and kingdom of God that do not make sense in the Premillennial view.

arrow The Throne of DavidThis lesson is about the throne of David and its connection in prophecy with the Messiah’s resurrection and ascension to God’s throne.

arrow No Earthly ThroneWill the throne of David again be set up on earth? We look at three prophecies that give reasons why that cannot be.

arrow The RaptureThe Rapture at the Last Day is a precious promise to the Christian. However the popular teaching about it is wrong.

arrow The Doomsday DoctrineWhat the Bible says about the days before Christ's second advent, compared to the Doomsday view.

arrow Seven Nasty YearsRefuting the premillennial doctrine about Israel, Antichrist, and Armageddon.

arrow Is the Earth Eternal?Examines the question of whether the earth is eternal or whether it will be destroyed.

arrow Why Harold Camping’s Prediction FailedHarold Camping of Family Radio predicted Judgment Day as May 21, 2011. Why was his failed prophecy false? We look at his three blunt tools.

arrow Ronald Weinland’s Dud Date for Second ComingLike Harold Camping who said that Christ would come in May 2011, Ronald Weinland purports to be a prophet who knows that Christ will come in May 2012. To be precise, May 27, 2012. OK, let's talk about waiting for Jesus.

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