Author: Ron Graham

Simply Bible

Page States and Options

The web pages for can be viewed in various ways. The information below tells you how to select from among the various page presentations.

Simple Version

simple The SIMPLE button appears in site navigator. Also, in the left sidebar (on large screens) there's a pair of spectacles. Click or touch either of these icons, and the page refreshes in large print without a banner or sidebar. The simple page mode is handy when you want to view just the uncluttered content of the page in large print. For example, simple mode is useful for disability access and whiteboard projection. You might prefer this mode to your browser’s reading option (if it has one). This mode is not available when viewing magazine pages or SiFi search results.

PDF Documents

print A link at the end of a lesson will alert you that a pdf version is available. Likewise, if there is a "pdf" icon in site navigator. this also means that a pdf document is available to you. The "pdf" icon will raise that document for you.

Narrow Windows

If you are viewing in a wide window, and you resize the window to a narrow one, the page will adjust itself to fit the window, as will subsequent pages. When you re-size the window to wide again, the page will adjust again. If you are using a small device, will display to fit the device.

No Javascript

If your browser is not running Javascript then you will see a page much like the simple version, except that there will be very simple navigation links at the bottom of the page. I have made sure that is usable without Javascript, and that on every page you have direct access to all the comprehensive indexes. Of course some things will just not work because they depend on javascript, but the essentials are there even without javascript.

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