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Author: Ron Graham


Ezekiel Chapters 29, 30, 31, and 32
—Outline and Notes

1 Context Overview

Chapters 29, 30, 31, and 32 of Ezekiel consist of a series of oracles and laments given to Ezekiel for Egypt and its Pharaoh.

The armies of Nebudchadnezzar, king of Babylon and the Chaldeans, wrought desolation in Judah and Jerusalem. Many captives were taken as slaves and much booty gained. Nebudchadnezzar’s armies also attacked Tyre and did great damage, but the effort cost more than it gained. So God allowed Nebudchadnezzar to attack Egypt and the Nile valley.

Egypt deserved to be conquered, because instead of acknowledging that God made the lands and rivers, the Egyptians gave themselves that credit, claiming themselves to be gods. Furthermore, between the days of Joseph and Moses Egypt had mistreated the Israelites and used them as slaves.

So Ezekiel is given a number of oracles and laments about Egypt and the lands and cities which it controlled.

2 Outline of Ezekiel 29

10th YEAR (Ezekiel 29:1).

A Prophecy against Pharaoh and All Egypt