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Author: Ron Graham


Remember the Danger in Delay
—plus Crossword Puzzle and Quiz

Sin can creep into anyone's life. No one is immune to its intrusions. The Hebrew writer speaks of "sin which so easily ensnares us" (Hebrews 12:1-2). There is always an urgency to deal with sin when it comes into our lives. There is extreme danger in delay, and this we must never forget.

1 The Days of Noah

Long ago in the days of Noah, the Lord said, "My Spirit will not always strive with man" (Genesis 6:3).

So the flood came upon all the earth and "all flesh died except those who were in the ark" (Genesis 6:31).

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be when Christ returns (Matthew 24:37-41, Luke 17:26-27)

2 The Days of Lot in Sodom

The people of Sodom were wicked and their sin was grievous to God (Genesis 18:20-21, and on through chapter 19).

Like those before them in the days of Noah, the appetites of the people of Sodom were only of a worldly and fleshly nature (Luke 17:26-28).

God removed righteous Lot from the city, and then suddenly destroyed Sodom with a rain of fire from heaven (Luke 17:29).

As it was in the days of Sodom, so it will be when Christ returns (Luke 17:29-30).

Jesus is speaking here not only of his second coming, but also of the approaching destruction of Jerusalem, another microcosm of the second coming of Christ, like that of Noah’s flood and that of Sodom.

NoteMICROCOSM: any system that exhibits, on a small scale, the elements and parts of the greater system of which it is part. The destruction of Sodom and the salvation of Lot is a small-scale version of the end of the world.

3 The Danger Today of Sudden Destruction

The wicked reason that their Lord is not coming soon (Matthew 24:48).

Therefore they choose to continue in their wickedness (Matthew 24:49).

The Lord will come when least expected (Matthew 24:50-51).

We should keep in mind that not only the second coming of Christ, will come unexpectedly and suddenly, but death can do the same. We should consider sin not only against the promise of the return of Christ, but against the ever present danger of death, which may strike without warning.

4 A Limited Time to Repent

Jezebel was given a limited time to repent (Revelation 2:21)

Jezebel faced great tribulation because she would not repent (Revelation 2:22)

Those who fail to repent "crucify the Son of God again for themselves, and put him to an open shame" (Hebrews 6:4-6)

5 The Danger of Continuing Wilfully in Sin

The Hebrew writer warns us of how terrible state those are in who continue wilfully to sin (Hebrews 10:26-39). They...

People get into the above state because of delay in dealing with sin. They delay taking steps to avoid sin. They delay devoting themselves to the kingdom of God. They delay repenting of sin if it occurs and setting themselves right with God. So gradually they enter into the reprobate state described by the Hebrew writer. They fail to remember the danger in delay.


Crossword Puzzle

  1   2   3  
Touch a square
to reveal its letter.
By Ron Graham (C) 2013



1. A person who ------ repentance is in danger

2. What will come suddenly and unexpectedly (two words)

3. The answer you should be able to give to the question, "Are you right with God?" (three words, 3,1,2)


4. The woman whom God granted time to repent

5. The sinful city God destroyed with fire

6. The righteous man who escaped the great flood

7. What we should repent of

8. We should remember that death may be ---- (another word for near)


Multiple Choice Quiz

1. God said, 'My Spirit will not...' (A) forgive man his sin, (B) always strive with man, (C) bring man to account.

2. What do the people before the flood, the people of Sodom, and Jezebel have in common? (A) They were righteous and pleased God, (B) God gave them no time to repent, (C) They would not repent, so destruction came upon them.

3. What could come upon us suddenly and catch us delaying to be right with God? (A) The second coming, (B) Death, (C) Either of those.

4. What do people who go on sinning willfully have to look forward to? (A) Certain expectation of fiery judgment, (B) Unlimited time to repent, (C) A sacrifice for their sins.

5. What is the reasoning of those who delay to repent of evil? (A) The Master is granting me time, (B) The Master delays his coming, (C) The Master won’t find out, (C) A mixture of those.


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