Author: Ron Graham

Glossary Simplybible

Word Study: Evangelist

Word family: Evangelist, evangelism, evangelistic, evangel

Synonyms: Gospel preacher, gospeller

Related ideas: doctrine/teaching, mission, ministry, great commission, word of God.

Definitions: An evangelist is one whose vocation is to preach the gospel or "good message" of Jesus Christ.

Greek References: euangelistees (evangelist) 2099 (Strong), euangelizo (preaching the gospel) 2097, cf 2095-2099. The word for "gospel" is , in which eu=good, and angelion=message. Compare angelia (message) 31. Also compare angelos (angel) 32.


  The gospel or "evangel" (euangellion)

  Preaching the gospel or "evangelism" (euangelizo)

  The gospel preacher or "Evangelist" (euangelistees)

Comment: All who preach the gospel as a vocation are "evangelists" because the word simply means "gospeller" or "goodmessenger".