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Author: Ron Graham


God Treats Us Right
—(2) Great things he has given (1Peter)

This page continues from our first lesson to look at the merciful and just manner in which God has treated us.

In chapter one, Peter mentions seven things which God has done, or is doing, that show his great mercy and kindness toward us. Here we look at the last four of those.

1 God has Given Us Grace in the Fullest Measure

1Peter 1:2

The benediction, "May grace and peace be multiplied to you" is not just a customary form of words at the beginning of the letter. Peter really means it. God treats us right. He holds nothing back.

Have you ever been promised something, but when the promise was supposedly fulfilled the result fell short —something was lacking? This doesn't happen with God. He never cuts costs. He never short changes. The cup he offers you overflows.

The points in our present study show various aspects of the grace and peace that comes from God through Christ. When we consider them, we have to acknowledge and be amazed at the "fullness" of God's grace.

2 God has Caused Us to be Born Again

1Peter 1:3

One aspect of the "fullness" we have just mentioned, is that God has provided for us to be "born again" (cf John 3:3).

God does not do a patch up job on the old person. He lets that old person die and be buried with Christ and allows us to be born again as a whole new person (see Romans 6:3-11).

"Since you have in obedience to the truth purified your souls... you have been born again... through the living and abiding word of God" (1Peter 1:22-25).

When someone has a bad accident which severely maims the body, doctors do their best to restore the body, screwing steel plates onto bones, grafting skin on to burns, transplanting organs or providing artificial ones. We are often amazed at how much can be done.

Imagine, however, that doctors could say, "Look your body is so badly damaged that it will have to be reborn. That way you can have a brand new body. We can book you in for a rebirth the day after tomorrow."

That is a fantasy in regard to the body. However, in regard to the soul that's what God does. He doesn't repair and patch. He regenerates.

3 God Has Reserved Us a Heavenly Inheritance

1Peter 1:4

A person who wishes to treat his or her family right will do many responsible things. One is to make a will so that the estate will be reserved for the family. We have "an inheritance imperishable and undefiled... reserved in heaven..."

God treats us right. He plans and secures our future, leaving nothing to chance.

4 God Protects Us by His Power

1Peter 1:5

God does not leave us exposed to dangers (and there are potent and inimical forces out there which want to harm us). We are "protected by the power of God" through our faith, and preserved for salvation on the last day, even though our time on earth may be fraught with many trials.


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