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Author: Ron Graham

Isaiah Lessons

Do Not Be in Fear
—A theme of Isaiah (part 1)

When Peter was writing to encourage the Christians dispersed throughout Asia and neighboring regions, he told them that they would suffer persecution yet not to be afraid. "Do not fear their threats and do not be troubled" (1Pet 3:14). Having said that, he turns around in the next verse (1Pet 3:15). and says that they ought to fear God.

These two verses of Peter compare with a similar two verses in Isaiah. First the Lord says, "Do not fear their threats or be in dread." (Isaiah 8:12),Then he says, "The Lord of hosts shall be your fear" (Isaiah 8:13),

The Background

As we read through Isaiah, we keep coming across this theme, "Don’t fear your enemies but do fear the Lord". God was letting the armies of surrounding nations invade Israel and Judah. Even the dreadful armies of the Assyrians from the north were coming. The invasions are likened to a flood that will come up to Judah’s neck (Isaiah 8:7-8).

Understandably, these invasions made the people fearful. God had sent Isaiah to meet king Ahaz when "the people shook, as the trees of the forest shake with the wind". Isaiah’ told Ahaz, Be calm, have no fear, and do not be fainthearted" (Isaiah 7:2-4). Now let us look at places further on in Isaiah where the theme recurs.

1 Believe in the Final Victory

2 Have the Messianic Spirit

3 Be Encouraged


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