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Author: Ron Graham

Hard to Hear God

Hard to Hear (7)
—Sometimes God’s Truth Hurts

We present more hard sayings, teaching in the Bible that people find hard to hear and difficult to believe. This page is is a mix of themes.

One Mediator, One Light

People will say that there are many great lights in the world, people who have given the world great insights. That may be so, but when people count Jesus as one among the many, that is not true. He was “the” light of the world, not just “a” light, because he is the one mediator of God’s way of salvation to humanity. Other lights are but candles. Jesus Christ is brighter than the sun.


Pillar and Foundation

The church is not a place to be entertained. The church is to be the pillar and ground of the truth. We should look to God’s church to hear and receive the God’s truth, not psychological hype or human idealism. The truth taught from the scriptures builds our faith and our knowledge of Christ. Our conduct in the church should not be like the conduct of worldly rock star fans. We should quietly listen and worship, conducting ourselves fittingly as members of God’s family in his presence.


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