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“Ascension” to “Azotus”
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arrow Ascension If I Be Lifted UpJesus said, “If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to myself”. His crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, are the three ways he did this.

arrow Asceticism Sin, its Source and SolutionThe source of sin is not God’s law, or our flesh, or Adam. What then is the source of sin?

arrow Asia Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Asia Minor. Includes a map of the region.

arrow Ask Prayer and God’s WillAnswer to prayer involves God’s revealed will, his unrevealed will, the will of Satan, and man’s free will.

arrow Ask Asking of God (Matthew 7)Jesus shows us that we are dealing with a God different to the gods of human imagination.

arrow Ass Teaching in MoabBy Moses God instructed the Israelites who were on the verge of taking possession of the promised land. God also counselled the nations in that land through prophets such as Balaam (Deuteronomy 1-34).

arrow Assos Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Assos. Includes a map of the region.

arrow Assurance Blessed Assurance SERIES List of lessons on the surety of our forgiveness and salvation, helping us to have hope and be confident in Christ.

arrow Assyria The Assyrian CaptivityThe beginning of the captivities, as the larger kingdom (Israel) falls to Assyria and its people are taken away to foreign lands. Includes a table of the kings and prophets of Judah and Israel, plus a short piece on the supposed Ten Lost Tribes.

arrow Assyria Adventures of Isaiah and HezekiahA few years after Samaria fell and the kingdom of Israel was led into exile, the Assyrians turned their attention to Judah where Hezekiah was reigning and Isaiah the prophet was preaching. Sennacherib, the ruthless commander of the Assyrian army, made a seige.

arrow Athens Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Athens. Includes a map of the region.

arrow Athens Acts 17:16-34.about Paul’s experiences and work in Athens, especially his speech to the philosophers in the Areopagus.

arrow Atonement Limited AtonementThe question uppermost in our mind, when we consider the doctrine of “Limited Atonement” is this: Did Jesus die for some and not for others?

arrow Atonement WORDS Reconciliation Defined Several technical or special words in the Bible are studied and explained in our glossary. This lesson provides a word family, definitions, Greek/Hebrew references, a scripture chain, comments, and links, related to “atonement”.

arrow Attalia Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Attalia. Includes a map of the region.

arrow Attention to God’s word Solomon’s Sin and SorrowFactors behind Solomon’s sin and fall from glory: his excess, his disobedience, his neglect, and his several faults.

arrow Attitude Lessons about attitude THREAD A selection of Bible lessons from’s study pages.

arrow Authority Bible Interpretation SERIES List of lessons address the principles of Bible interpretation, and how one derives authority for what is taught and done in the name of Christ.

arrow Authority The Authority of JesusAuthority makes doctrine true. No doctrine is the truth unless it has the right authority, and no authority is valid unless it is based squarely on truth. Jesus Christ passes this test.

arrow Awry Hearts Awryabout the parables of the Two Debtors, the Pharisee and the Tax Collector, and Whitewashed Tombs.

arrow Azotus Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Azotus. Includes a map of the region.