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arrow Tabernacle The Tabernacle and PriesthoodMaking of the tabernacle and appointment of the priesthood at Mount Sinai (Exodus 25-40, Leviticus 1-27, Numbers 1-10).

NoteTABERNACLE: The tabernacle was the original ornate tent of meeting for worship under the law of Moses. It was used before the temple was built in Jerusalem.

arrow Taboos Cultish Taboos (1Tim 4)When a church is established, there is a passion for the truth. In later times, however, there comes a falling away.

arrow Taboos The Taboos You ObserveWe think about about the religious rules and taboos that people impose on themselves and others.

arrow Takes away What Forgiveness Takes AwayThis lesson helps you to properly understand forgiveness from God.

arrow Talents Stewards of God's Grace (Parables)about the parables of the Talents, the Wicked Tenant Farmers, and the Unrighteous Steward.

NoteTALENT: in English means ability. However, the meaning of the word in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30 cf Luke 19:12-28) is a measure (around 30kg of gold or silver). So the slaves in the parable were given talents according to their talents!

arrow Tapestry Threads in RomansAn appendix to the studies in Romans. Contrasted threads of thought in Paul’s writing.

arrow Tares Parable of the Weeds in the FieldJesus uses weeds in the field to illustrate a critical lesson.

NoteTARES: It is uncertain just what plant is referred to. The Greek word is zizania, which is used only once in the Bible (Matthew 13:24-30). Apparently a weed that looks like wheat when young, and becomes evident when the true wheat sets a fruiting head.

arrow Tarsus Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Tarsus. Includes a map of the region.

arrow Tasted (Hebrews 6:5) Apostasy and its ConsequencesWhat is lost when one falls away from grace? What is the doom of those who fall?

arrow Teaching Teaching in MoabBy Moses God instructed the Israelites who were on the verge of taking possession of the promised land. God also counselled the nations in that land through prophets such as Balaam (Deuteronomy 1-34).

arrow Teaching Five Marks of Good TeachingGood teaching is essential to the growth and continuity of the church and of each soul who listens to the teacher. There are five marks that distinguish good teaching from bad.

arrow Teetotaller Abstinence and The TeetotallerDiscusses the question of whether one must practise total abstinence from alcoholic drinks.

arrow Teleological Toward Our GoalTen principles for achieving any worthwhile goal, especially a Christian goal.

arrow Temple The Destruction of JerusalemThis lesson brings us to the last of the twelve Times of Israel, and concentrates on Matthew 24.

arrow Temple By What Authority Do You Do These Things?Jesus drove the merchants out of the temple. The temple leaders questioned his authority. We look at their impudence, hypocrisy and dishonesty, and observe how Jesus answered (Matthew 21:12-15, 23-27).

arrow Temple The Order of MelchizedekMelchizedek was not only a king; he was also a priest of the Most High God. Melchizedek symbolized Christ and his new priesthood and law.

NoteTEMPLE CLEANSED: There were two occasions on which Jesus drove people from the temple. The first is recorded in John 2:13-22, the second in Matthew 21:12-13.

arrow Temple veil The Last Sin OfferingOne of the signs which accompanied Christ’s sacrificial death, took place in the inner sanctum of the house of animal sacrifice: “Behold the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom” (Matthew 27:51)

arrow Temptation Lead Us Not Into TemptationA look at the example prayer that Jesus gave to his disciples.

arrow Ten Commandments The Ten CommandmentsThe laws written on tablets of stone at Horeb, are an important part of the Bible. However they were not the basic law of God as many people consider them to be.

arrow Ten Commandments Death of the TencommandmentsOld Testament issues. A study in 2Corinthians 3, comparing the ten commandments with the new covenant and epistle of Christ.

arrow Ten tribes [lost] The Assyrian CaptivityThe beginning of the captivities as the larger kingdom (Israel) falls to Assyria and its people are taken away to foreign lands. Includes a table of the kings and prophets of Judah and Israel, plus a short piece on the supposed Ten Lost Tribes.

arrow Ten virgins Empty House, Empty LampsAbout failing to properly hear and obey God’s word, and to get ready for the judgment. Remarks on the parable of the wise and foolish virgins at the wedding.

arrow Tenses Saved in Three TensesThere are, so to speak, three tenses of salvation: we have been saved, we are being saved, and we shall be saved.

arrow Tent of worship The Tabernacle and PriesthoodMaking of the tabernacle and appointment of the priesthood at Mount Sinai (Exodus 25-40, Leviticus 1-27, Numbers 1-10).

arrow Tertullus Acts 24:1-27.These verses describe how Paul was examined by Felix in Caesarea with Tertullus and the Jews accusing Paul.

arrow Testament The Gospel According to the Old TestamentThis sermon outline presents the gospel using only the Old Testament scriptures.

arrow Testament Do Christians Need the Old TestamentAre the Old Testament scriptures needed and to be heeded by Christians, or are the New Testament Scriptures sufficient?

arrow Testament A New Covenant SERIES A study about the change of covenants from the old Mosaic law to the gospel of Christ. We ask and answer some pertinent questions about this change.

arrow Testimony The R in Glory ~ Jesus the RevealerThe PROCLAMATION of Jesus as the REVEALER who manifested God and preached the gospel of eternal life.

arrow Testing More Than ConquerorsWe can have a conquering faith in Jesus though we are tested by many tribulations. True faith stands the test and wins victory.

arrow Testing God The Lie that Brought DeathAnanias and Sapphira told a lie. The account in Acts 5, is one of the most unsettling stories in the Bible.

arrow Thankfulness Spiritual WellbeingThe various elements of spiritual wellbeing and joy in Jesus are shown in an outline summary of the letter.

arrow Thanks Giving Thanks to JesusAt the end of Hebrews, we are reminded of some of the Christian duties that those who respond to divine grace will always remember in order to show gratitude toward God.

arrow Thanksgiving Thanksgiving LivingAn important part of prayer is thanksgiving. The Bible says thirteen surprising things about the gratitude attitude.

arrow Thessalonians 1st Thessalonians SERIES This is a verse by verse study of Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians. The 1st letter is divided into five topical sections.

arrow Thessalonians 2nd Thessalonians SERIES This is a verse by verse study of Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians. The 2nd letter is divided into five topical sections.

arrow Thessalonians Second Coming in ThessaloniansA study (against Preterism) of Paul’s statements about the second coming of Christ in the letters to Thessalonica.

arrow Thessalonians Acts 17:1-15.about Paul’s experiences and work in Thessalonica and Berea, with Silas and Timothy, during his second missionary journey.

arrow Thessalonica Acts FactsWhat the book of Acts tells us happened in Thessalonica. Includes a map of the region.

arrow Thief The Sheepfold Parables (John 10)about parables that liken the kingdom of God to a sheepfold with Christ as the Shepherd.

arrow Thief A Thief in the Night Paul teaches about the second coming of Christ. Christians believe not only that Christ died for our sins, rose from the dead, and ascended into glory, but also that he his coming again in the future to judge the world. (1Ths 4:13 to 5:11)

arrow Thief The Dying ThiefThe story of the dying thief on the cross does not teach us how to become a Christian.

arrow Things Things We All ShareA list of 20 reasons why it is silly for Christians to squabble with one another.

arrow Thinking Edified by Superior ThoughtContinuing Paul’s theme, "We worship God in the Spirit, and glory in Christ Jesus, and put no confidence in the flesh" (Philippians 3:3), we consider what kind of thinking edifies the spiritually minded.

arrow Thinking Chain Thinking to Understand the BibleChain thinking is something we all do constantly. There are three kinds of chain thinking. All three have an important place when we are trying to understand and follow the Bible.

arrow Thinking Book in Your Hands, Head on Your ShouldersA study of reason and revelation, the relationship between our thoughts and divine thoughts, human judgment and scriptural authority.

arrow Third day Arrival at SinaiThe Israelites’ arrival at Mount Sinai, some of the events there, and God’s appearance on the mountain (Exodus 19-35). Plus a table of the Stages of the Wilderness Wanderings.

arrow Thirst The Beatitudes (2)The meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, and the merciful.