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Author: Ron Graham

New Covenant

A New Covenant
—The change of law

Several lessons about the change of covenants from the old Mosaic law to the gospel of Christ. We ask and answer some pertinent questions about this change. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

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Who was the New Covenant For?To whom did Jesus mediate the new covenant? This lesson shows it was the whole world.

What Kind of Covenant Was the New?Covenants come in three kinds: (1) the negotiated agreement; (2) the unconditional promise; (3) law with penalty and promise. In this lesson we discover which of these classes the new covenant belongs to.

How was the New Covenant Instituted?It was instituted by God unilaterally. God did not negotiate it with man, he mediated it to man. Its outcome for each person (grace or wrath) is dependent on whether the person keeps it or disobeys it.

Why was the New Covenant Needed?There had to be a better covenant for several reasons. We list the main ones.

Why is the New Covenant Better?It was Based on Better Promises. It was Ratified by Better Blood. It Came through a Better Mediator.

When was the New Covenant Made?You may be aware that Jesus is the “mediator” of a new covenant (Hebrews 9:15-17). In that same passage, Jesus is also called the “testator” of the covenant. This tells us when the new covenant was made.

What did the New Covenant Replace?The ten commandments, written on stone tablets, were part of the law given to Moses. It is commonly believed that these ten commandments were also incorporated, word for word, into new covenant of Christ. However this is contradicted by the New Testament scriptures.

Fake News, Old News, Good NewsThe Bible is God’s revelation to humanity. It is news from God to enlighten us. The Bible exposes fake news namely the devil's lies. The Bible informs us of God’s old news namely the law of Moses. The Bible brings us the good news, namely the gospel or new covenant of Christ.

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Covenant DefinedOn certain technical or special words in the Bible are studied and explained in our glossary. Each lesson provides a word family, definitions, Greek and Hebrew references, a scripture chain, comments, and links to related lessons.

The Mediator of a New CovenantJesus Christ the Son of God is called “the mediator of a better covenant enacted upon better promises” (Hebrews 8:6). When this mediator delivers to us a covenant from God, we had better listen!

Our Covenant With GodJesus is the mediator, to all mankind, of a new covenant, namely his gospel. We must comply.


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