Author: Ron Graham


The Second Letter from Peter
—Index to the studies

This page is an outline chart for our studies in the second epistle of Peter. You can use this page as a study outline in itself, or as a hyperlinked index to the more detailed studies.

The titles link you to lesson pages and sections.

1 Christian Growth

1 Greeting and blessing 2Peter 1:1-2
2 God’s part 2Peter 1:3-4
3 Our part 2Peter 1:5-10
4 God’s part (again) 2Peter 1:9-11

2 Why Peter Wrote

1 To remind 2Peter 1:12-13
2 To record 2Peter 1:14-15
3 To reinforce 2Peter 1:20-21

3 False Prophets

1 Their success 2Peter 2:1-3a7
2 Their doom 2Peter 2:3b-9
3 Their evil nature 2Peter 2:10-18
4 Their reprobate state 2Peter 2:19-22

4 The Second Coming

1 Repetition of 2(a) 2Peter 3:1-2
2 Answering Mockers 2Peter 3:3-10
3 What will happen 2Peter 3:10-13
4 Steadfastly awaiting 2Peter 3:11-18a
5 Doxology 2Peter 3:18b


2nd Peter Series Titles

INDEX 2nd Peter
Christian Growth
Why Peter Wrote
False Prophets
2nd Coming
Only the Best
The Morning Star
Error of Balaam
Lot in Sodom
Noah and the Flood
Peter’s 3 Swords

Note: 2nd Peter 2 is comparable with the letter of Jude