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Video Catalogue
—Australian Video Ministry archive.

Several lessons on were originally listener guides for video Bible lessons presented by Ron Graham through the Australian Video Ministry. Over 1000 video tapes were distributed and many are still in use. The following is a list of articles which were originally listener guides for the video lessons.

God's Plan of Salvation

> A first study in Romans. Deals thoroughly with the theme of God's purpose concerning the salvation of our souls from his wrath. This includes the six steps which this epistle teaches a person to take who desires salvation.

God's Plan of Salvation
Faith and Works
Sin and its Solution
The Gospel is the Power
The Chain of Great Events
God's Living Way

From Faith to Faith

> A second study in Romans. The development of our faith --how we progress in various ways "from faith to faith" (Romans 1:17)

The Personal View of Faith
The Historical View of Faith
Buried With Christ
Your Body a Sacrifice
More Than Conquerors
We Who Are Strong

We Beheld His Glory

> The Word was God and the Word became flesh. A simple acrostic outline helps us to follow some profound truths about Jesus as taught in John chapter 1.

We Beheld His Glory
G - Jesus is God
L - Jesus the Lamb
O - Jesus the Only begotten
R - Jesus the Revealer
Y - Jesus Your Saviour

Search for the True Church

> Understanding undenominational Christianity and the problem of finding the real church of Christ.

I Will Build My Church
Will Any Religion Do?
What Went Wrong?
Simply Christians
How to Find Christ's Church
The Church Jesus Bought

Jesus Changed My Heart

> Correcting apathy, low self-esteem, spiritual discouragement, and a shallow attitude to life.

Jesus Made Me Honest With Myself
Jesus Made Me Understand My Life
Jesus Healed All My Hurts
Jesus Forgave All My Sins
Is There No Balm in Gilead?
Sowing and Reaping

Prayer and Providence

> Clears up many misunderstandings about the providence of God and the power of prayer. It helps people to live with confidence, and not in disappointment.

Prayer and God's Will
God's Response to Prayers
Prayer Changes Things
False Expectations
Prayer as a Ministry
Thanksgiving Living

Revelation the Book

> The gospel message in visions. The story of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We follow the story to its climax. We learn how we are included in that story, and how we through much tribulation can share the victory of Jesus.

Is Revelation a Book for You?
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Through Much Tribulation
The Dragon
The Dragon's Friends
The Day of God

I Can!

> Paul's letter to Philippians --positive affirmations encouraging us to strive toward our heavenly goal in the power of Jesus Christ. Explains the statement, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!"

I Can Do All Things
The Spiritual Mind
Are You Positive?
Spiritual Wellbeing
Toward Our Goal

Wonderful Words

> Explaining six of the special Bible words used in communicating the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.


Tulip, the Five Points of Calvinism

> Examines the five main aspects of the theology attributed to John Calvin and compares it with Paul and other Bible writers.

T ~Total Depravity
U ~Unconditional Election
L ~Limited Atonement
I  ~Irresistable Grace
P ~Perseverance of the Saints
Sweet Will of God

The Last Days

> The first series examining certain simple concepts within that complex and wide-ranging theme "The Last Days".

What is a Day?
Dividing Past and Future
Seven Great Changes
The Great Simplifier
The Last Sin Offering
The Order of Melchizedek

Faith, Hope, Love, these Three

> Paul's famous saying in 1 Corinthians 13:13 inspires this set of lessons, which help to clear up some common confusions about Christian attitudes.

The Arrows of God
To Know the Love of Christ
The Blind Eye of Love
The Well Beloved Gaius
God's Magnificent Promises
Daily Life and Eternal Life

Sin and Legalism

> This study provides a balanced understanding of sin, legalism, and liberty in Christ to counteract the wrongful burdening of Christians with oppressive rules and excessive discipline.

The Seriousness of Sin
Four Kinds of Sin
Sinning in Ignorance
Nurturing Guilt
Correcting Sin in Others
Sin or Not Sin?

Why Be Religious?

> Why should you concern yourself with the Christian religion? Answer: firstly because you are going to die, and secondly because Jesus died for you.

Five Facts About Death
Where Are the Dead?
The Four Deaths Man Can Die
What Jesus Accomplished on the Cross
The Inscription on the Cross
If I be Lifted Up

Paul’s Letter to the Galatians

> An exposition and explanation of the letter to the Galatians.

Prologue: Seven Lovely Things
Background | Structure | 5 Appeals | The Issue
Setting the Record Straight
Challenge to the Churches
An Allegory Explained
God Requires Good Works


> Analysis of the scriptural method of outreach step by step. How to relate to the potential convert at each stage. How to help people correct their ways and become conformed to Christ and transformed by Him.

Introducing Outreach
The Opening
The Invitation
The Reassuring
The Unsettling
The Closing


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