Author: Ron Graham

Six Steps

Nav Buttons Explained
—Those at bottom of every page.

At the bottom of every page on there is an array of buttons that provide direct access to key pages. The list below explains what each button is for.

Note:— About the Buttons. The buttons shown below (except for the first few yellow ones) will work on this page just as they do in the actual navigator. But this page is not meant for navigation, rather it is to help you find out what a button is for, so that you can better use the navigator.

Dynamic buttons for current page.

The yellow buttons, that appear first in the button array, are specific to whatever page you are viewing. If a button is not relevant to a page, that button won't show up on that occasion.

The first button simply takes you to the top of the page.

This button moves you to the previous page in a series.

This button moves you to the next page in a series.

This button takes you to the list of all lessons in the series.

This button (when shown) takes you back to the thread page from which you came.

If there's a chart for the current lesson, this button will take you to the chart.

Use this button to go to another lesson for more on the subject.

When a PDF document is available, this button shows and will open/download the PDF.

Buttons relating to page format.

The pages on can be viewed in two different formats: normal view, or simple view in large print. The following buttons facilitate this.

This button will change the page into a large print simplified format. This is good for projection to a screen or for people with poor sight.

Use this button for information about the different ways you can view pages.

Buttons that link you to service pages including indexes.

There are many service pages (indexes and explanations) but the main ones are available from the buttons below.

This button takes you to a page of tips and help for using this website.

For explanation of Bible book abbreviations use this button.

Letter buttons like this take you to alphabetical indexes for the particular letter.

Use this button if you wish to go to the master alphabetical index.

Use this button for a page of quick links to elements of the site.

This button takes you to a useful page of quick links to our Bible studies.

Use this button to access a master index to all the Bible studies.

This button gives you a page that explains and lists the threads.

deep end
If you want to dive right in, this button gives a selection of lessons.

Use this button for a simple diagram of the site’s structure.

Keep up to date with what's new on using this button.

This button takes you to a page of links to other useful websites.

You can access a directory of all the service pages with this button.

Buttons that link you to information pages about us.

There are many information pages that tell you about the website and churches of Christ. The buttons below are provided in the navigator so that you can get that information quickly.

Use this button for a master index of all pages of information “about us”.

This button takes you to a page answering frequently asked questions about us.

For details of how to contact us, use this button.

This button is for those who wish to make a donation to —we use PayPal.

This button takes you to the page that explains copyright terms and permissions.

Buttons that link you to social media.

Our social media presence is an important adjunct to the website. If you want to visit us on facebook or the other social media, there is a navigation bar for that near the top of any page under the tabs. There's also a navigation panel for social media near the bottom of any page underneath the navigation buttons. However, for good measure, among the buttons there are four dedicated to social media.

No prize for guessing that this button takes you to our facebook page.

And this button of course takes you to our twitter account @simplybible.

And this button will take you to our Google+ presence.

And this button will take you to our YouTube channel.

And this button will take you to simplybible on Pinterest.

Buttons that take you to our special features.

Apart from the normal written Bible lessons we have all kinds of features for you to enjoy, and of course there's a button for each of them in the navigator.

For our series of word studies this is the button to use.

This button takes you to our quiz master. Enjoy and learn.

Go to our crossword puzzles with this button. Enjoy and learn.

This button takes you to our “Training to Teach and Preach” pages.

For favourite Bible Readings (our translation) this is the button to use.

This button for encouraging bible verses with images.

We have many slide shows and this button will give you the index.

This button takes you to the first page of our magazine.

This button leads to our page providing maps of Bible places.

Buttons for selected supplementary indexes.

We've provided buttons for a small selection of special supplements to our alphabetical and topical indexes.

For a selection of charts and outlines, use this button.

For a list of studies in Bible books, this button's the one.

Buttons that take you to selected special lesson series.

Among the series of lessons on this website we have provided buttons for some of the larger and more significant works. Of course that doesn't mean the other series are of less value, and you might find your favourite series among those others.

Button for the lessons in the series “Revelation the Book”.

Times Israel
Button for the lessons in the “Times of Israel” series.

Button for the lessons in the “Isaiah Gleanings” series.

Button for the lessons in the “Jesus” series.

Acts Facts
Button for the lessons in the “Acts Facts” series.

Button for the lessons on parables Jesus told.

Button for the Tulip series of studies about “Calvinism”.

Of course we can't have a special button for every topical series. There are too many of them. But remember the topic button, mentioned earlier and shown again here. This button gives you an index to ALL the series.

Now you know what each icon does, I encourage you to use these buttons arrayed in the simplybible navigator near the bottom of each page for your convenience. Happy browsing!