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Sin Sin and Legalism SERIESThis series provides an insight into the nature of sin and how sin ought to be dealt with, while at the same time drawing attention to errors of legalism and liberalism.

Sin Lessons on Sin THREADList of Bible lessons on the topic “sin”, from’s study pages.

Sin Sin’s Source and Solution YouTube —Watch a 25⁠-⁠minute video. Paul writes to the Romans about the problem of sin. Paul discusses sin from two aspects: (1) The source of sin is Satan’s lies; (2) The solution to sin is Christ’s death. On which will you base your life? Choose well!. Tap the title next to the arrow to start playing the video on YouTube(simplybible channel).

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Sin, one’s first Journeys in This WorldJourneys of the soul through portals encountered during our lives in this present world.

Sin offering The Torn CurtainOne of the signs which accompanied Christ’s sacrificial death, took place in the inner sanctum of the house of animal sacrifice: “Behold the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom” (Matthew 27:51).

Sinai The ExodusFirst part of the wilderness wanderings: from the crossing of the Red Sea to the arrival at Sinai (Exodus 14-19).

Sinai Arrival at SinaiThe Israelites’ arrival at Mount Sinai, some of the events there, and God’s appearance on the mountain (Exodus 19-35). Plus a table of the Stages of the Wilderness Wanderings.

Sinful nature Good Works Required Paul makes good works a part of faith. Although Christians are free from the law, they must keep the commandments of Christ. Paul shows this to be essential to salvation (Galatians 5:13 to 6:10).

Singing Instrumental Music in WorshipDiscusses whether musical instruments (other than the human voice and heart) are allowable and desirable in Christian song worship. An exercise in applying scriptural authority.

Sinners Three Kinds of SinnersA Bible lesson that differentiates sinners into three types. Which kind are you?

Sinner’s Prayer Grace and PrayerIn this lesson we link salvation by grace with salvation through prayer. In evangelical meetings it is usual for sinners to be told to pray the “sinner’s prayer” to be saved. This raises some important questions about the belief that salvation is by grace alone.

Sins Jesus Forgave Me All My SinsWhy let your stubborn will stop you turning to your Heavenly Father for forgiveness of your sins? Invite him into your heart and do as he says.

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Six six six The Dragon's FriendsAbout a splendid and heavenly woman of great glory in chapter 12, and an atrocious and disgusting harlot who rides on the Dragon in chapter 17.

Size How Big Was Noah's Ark?Another discussion about the great flood.

Skeptic I'm a SkepticIn Philippians 1:10 Paul states one of the great skills we all need. Without this skill, we won't have a proper sense of values, a sensible view of the world, or a correct understanding of God’s word.

Slave Paul’s Letter to PhilemonA study of Philemon about voluntary goodness, accepting providence, helping the helpless.

Slavery Challenge to the Churches Paul presents three powerful contrasts or choices between the gospel and the law, to show how superior the gospel is, and how foolish it would be to go back to the old law (Galatians 3:6 to 4:9).

Slaves Buried With ChristExposition of Romans 6:17-18. About faith’s power (by grace) to liberate from enslavement to sin and then progress to full establishment in Christ.

Slaves Redemption (Wonderful Words)The rescue of sinners requires a ransom they cannot pay. Jesus paid the price with his blood, without any bargain with Satan.

Slaves Not Under LawAbout Paul’s statement in Galatians 5:18, “If you are led by the Spirit, you are not under law”.

Sleep, soul Where Are the Dead?Answers questions about the state of those who have suffered physical death.

Sleep, spiritual Jesus Made Me Understand My LifeWe are taught by the example of Jesus to think of ourselves as servants of others and to put their interests above our own. We are not at the center: others are. This may surprise you, because it is the lost secret of a happy life.

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Social Media Social Media Info. This service page provides detailed information about’s social media pages, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Society The Influence pf SocietyOur social environment is the first influence which affects us. Soon after birth, we begin to relate to people around us.

Sodom Righteous Lot in Sinful SodomLot was living in Sodom. He was a very righteous man, and Sodom was a very sinful city. God decided to destroy Sodom and its neighbouring city Gomorrah. This story, like that of Noah, is a microcosm of the end of the world (2Peter 2:6-11, 2Peter 3)

Solid Solid GroundEphesians 3:14-21 describes three loves as solid ground for abundant strength through faith in Jesus Christ.

Solomon The Glory of SolomonThe kingdom of Israel, in its earthly form, reaches its peak of glory. Solomon takes the throne of David. He builds the temple in Jerusalem. The kingdom is united and very extensive, reaching “from Daniel to Beersheba.”

Solomon Solomon’s Sin and SorrowFactors behind Solomon’s sin and fall from glory: his excess, his disobedience, his neglect, and his several faults.

Solution The Solution to SinWill power and ascetism are not the solution to sin, nor are good works. What then is the solution to sin?

Son The Wayward Son Who RememberedWe begin a series of Bible studies called “Remember”. The idea behind this series comes from something that Peter said... “I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things... to stir up your pure minds to remembrance” (2Peter 1:12-14).

Son of God God’s Son is BornOver the centuries the prophets spoke of the coming Christ, and the fulfillment of prophecy unfolded. When “the fullness of time” came (Galatians 4:4), the promised Saviour entered into the world. He is the Son of God who took upon himself our human nature and became one of us.

Song Take a Step Today SONGA hymn by Ron Graham enumerating the steps to salvation by grace.

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Sonship Challenge to the ChurchesPaul presents three powerful contrasts or choices between the gospel and the law, to show how superior the gospel is, and how foolish it would be to go back to the old law. (Galatians 3:6 to 4:9)


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