Author: Ron Graham

Sermon on Mount

Sermon on the Mount
—Notes and activities

An interesting series of lessons based on Jesus's sermon on the mount. It contains notes, activities, and a separate page of quizzes and puzzles after each lesson. Tap any title next to an arrow in the list below.

The Beatitudes 1The poor in spirit and those who mourn; plus an outline of Matthew 5. —Puzzles and Quizzes

The Beatitudes 2The meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, and the merciful. —Puzzles and Quizzes

The Beatitudes 3The pure in heart, the peacemakers, and the persecutes.  —Puzzles and Quizzes

Salt and LightSalt and light have properties that make them very apt symbols of the Christian.  —Puzzles and Quizzes

Two Untils and One UnlessIn Matthew 5:18 the word "until" is used twice, and "unless" is used once, underlining three important facts about the law.  —Puzzles and Quizzes

A Far Higher StandardIn Matthew 5:20-22, Jesus begins a series of statements that have this pattern: "You have heard... but I say to you..."  —Puzzles and Quizzes

Cut Out and Cast AwayWhen Jesus says, "If your eye offends you..." he is speaking in sarcasm against the attitude of blaming one’s eye for what is really the fault of one’s heart.  —Puzzles and Quizzes

SwearingThere are three kinds of swearing that we should not to do at all, and the command, "Swear not at all" definitely refers to these.  —Puzzles and Quizzes

Overview of Matthew 5Concludes our study of Matthew chapter 5 with a chapter summary.  —Puzzles and Quizzes

Seen By MenMatthew chapter six begins with a warning to beware of doing good deeds before men to be seen by them.  —Puzzles and Quizzes

Lead Us Not Into TemptationA look at the example prayer that Jesus gave to his disciples.  —Puzzles and Quizzes

MoneySome people accumulate needlessly large savings and investments, never satisfied that they have sufficient, always wanting more, more, more.  —Puzzles and Quizzes

Overview of Matthew 6A second look at money matters as a chapter summary.  —Puzzles and Quizzes

Word PicturesA look at the imagery in Matthew 7, and an outline of the chapter.  —Puzzles and Quizzes

Asking of GodJesus shows us that we are dealing with a God different to the gods of human imagination.  —Puzzles and Quizzes

Withstanding the WolvesCasting pearls before swine and false prophets in sheep's clothing.  —Puzzles and Quizzes

Overview of Matthew 7A look at Christ's teaching about judging as a summary of Matthew 7.  —Puzzles and Quizzes