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Author: Ron Graham


Site log
—Webservant’s diary 2011-2021

Hello, you've hit upon the 2011-2021 log kept by's webservant. This page could bore you to death. If you want to avoid that, go to The Hub or Home Page.

 Tasks completed Dec 2021

⚙STATS: Pages 202,301, Visits 125,962, Clicks 17,000, Downloads 1,611.
⚙ Study pages now 1526.
⚙ PREACHED: 5th 667, 12th 319, 19th 593, 26th 198
⚙ New: The Foundation of the Church
⚙ New: Was Jesus Free to Opt Out?
⚙ New: Ephesians 2 in simple English
⚙ New: Ephesians 3 in simple English
⚙ New: Ephesians 4 in simple English
⚙ New: Ephesians 5 in simple English
⚙ New: Ephesians 6 in simple English

 Tasks completed Nov 2021

⚙STATS: Pages 202,531, Visits 132,303, Clicks 89,000, Downloads 1,505.
⚙ Study pages now 1519.
⚙ PREACHED: 7th 02i, 14th 02k, 21st 042, 28th 462
⚙ New: The Belt of Truth
⚙ New: The Breastplate of Righteousness
⚙ New: The Shoes of the Gospel
⚙ New: The Shield of Faith
⚙ New: The Sword of the Spirit
⚙ Eliminated the many "document.write" instances in sub-folders.

 Tasks completed Oct 2021

⚙STATS: Pages 229,452, Visits 154,290, Clicks 102,000, Downloads 1,514.
⚙ Study pages now 1515.
⚙ PREACHED: 3rd 419, 10th 389, 17th 933, 24th 411, 31st Munga and 383 for Patrick

 Tasks completed Sep 2021

⚙STATS: Pages 217,796, Visits 150,227, Clicks 103,000, Downloads 1,440.
⚙ Study pages now 1515.
⚙ PREACHED: 5th 974, 12th 97d, 19th 975, 26th 97e
⚙ New: The Apostles’ Power to Forgive
⚙ New: Bible Verses About the World
⚙ Deactivated twitter account @simplybible, purged all links from website.

 Tasks completed Aug 2021

⚙STATS: Pages 208,141, Visits 142,955, Clicks 96,000, Downloads 1,659.
⚙ Study pages now 1513.
⚙ PREACHED: 1st 97a, 8th 972, 15th 97b, 22nd 973, 29th 97c
⚙ YouTube July 2021 | 25 NEW SUBSCRIBERS | 1,155 TOTAL VIEWS | 8,000 MINUTES WATCHED.
⚙ New: The Way Back (2) WHG
⚙ New: The Way Back (1) WHG
⚙ New: One World Wide Church
⚙ New: Predestinarianism and the Cross
⚙ New: Pentecostalism and the Cross
⚙ New: Premillennialism and the Cross

 Tasks completed Jul 2021

⚙STATS: Pages 251,052, Visits 161,485, Clicks 101,000, Downloads 1,545.
⚙ Study pages now 1507.
⚙ PREACHED: 4th 011, 11th 049, 18th 970, 25th 971, priceless
⚙ YouTube June 2021 | 21 NEW SUBSCRIBERS | 1,145 TOTAL VIEWS | 7,913 MINUTES WATCHED.
⚙ New: What Happens After We Pray?
⚙ New: Bible Maxims (8 Mark)
⚙ New: Bible Maxims (7 Mark)

 Tasks completed Jun 2021

⚙STATS: Pages 233,081, Visits 161,666, Clicks 105,000, Downloads 1,655.
⚙ Study pages now 1504.
⚙ PREACHED: 6th 49x, 13th 29c, 20th 29d, 27th 08m
⚙ New: Bible Maxims (6)
⚙ New: Bible Maxims (5 advent)
⚙ New: Bible Maxims (4 church)
⚙ New: Bible Maxims (3 mixed)
⚙ Fixed the several problems caused by moving folder.
⚙ Linked Ezekiel series in dbooks and dabbrev.
⚙ Updated service pages including removing reference to PO Box.
⚙ Made new Maryboro page as substitute for Childers page.
⚙ Changed all references to Childers. Replaced with Maryborough.

 Tasks completed May 2021

⚙STATS: Pages 268,836, Visits 181,821, Clicks 116,000, Downloads 1,447.
⚙ Study pages now 1500.
⚙ PREACHED: 2nd 062, 9th 58d, 16th 065, 23rd 06a, 30th 080,
⚙ New: Bible Maxims (2 mixed)
⚙ New: Bible Maxims (1 mixed)
⚙ New: Four Impossible Things

 Tasks completed April 2021

⚙STATS: Pages 279,970, Visits 179,303, Clicks 117,000, Downloads 1,338.
⚙ Study pages now 1497.
⚙ PREACHED: 4th 243, (11th Mungar, Patrick 594 and 701), 18th 001, 25th Mungar
⚙ New: Contentions in the New Testament
⚙ New: Biblical Calamities and Catastrophes

 Tasks completed March 2021

⚙STATS: Pages 297,176, Visits 188,177, Clicks 376,126, Downloads 1,548.
⚙ Study pages now 1495.
⚙ PREACHED: 894, 895, 896, 897 (Influences)
⚙ New: The Worst Accusation
⚙ New: Ezekiel Chapters 43-44-45
⚙ New: Ezekiel Chapters 46-47-48
⚙ New: Places People Prayed

 Tasks completed February 2021

⚙STATS: Pages 275,481, Visits 172,941, Clicks 129,500, Downloads 1,587.
⚙ Study pages now 1491.
⚙ PREACHED: 807, 891, 892, 893 (Patience, Influences)
⚙ New: Stadi blong Ol Wok Japta 2
⚙ New: Facts About Adam
⚙ New: Facts About Ezekiel

 Tasks completed January 2021

⚙STATS: Pages 267,357, Visits 177,678, Clicks 115000, Downloads 1,359.
⚙ Study pages now 1488.
⚙ PREACHED: 802, 803, 804, 805, 806,
⚙ New: Ezekiel Chapters 40-41-42
⚙ New: Stadi blong Ol Wok Japta 1
⚙ New: Hapi Niu Yia - Hapi Niu Yu
⚙ Updated dsocialmedia.htm to reflect current status.
⚙ Switched off social menu at page end and side bar.
⚙ Fixed bug in download button.

 Tasks completed December 2020

⚙STATS: Pages 240,898, Visits 153,279, Clicks 100,000, Downloads 1444.
⚙ Study pages now 1485.
⚙ PREACHED: 590, 593, 592, 801,
⚙ Adjusted some lessons mentioning morality.
⚙ New: Ezekiel Chapters 37-38-39
⚙ New: Fake News, Old News, Good News
⚙ New: Jisas long Revelesen 1:5.
⚙ Made new kangakorna jpg for 19th year online imgkorna006.jpg.

 Tasks completed November 2020

⚙STATS: Pages 256,262, Visits 174,744, Clicks 125,000, Downloads 1490.
⚙ Study pages now 1482.
⚙ PREACHED: f967, f391, 381, 93c, 458,
⚙ New: (YouTube) Prayer and Thanksgiving
⚙ New: (YouTube) Prayer As a Ministry
⚙ New: (YouTube) Prayer and False Expectations
⚙ New: (YouTube) God's Response to Prayer
⚙ New: (YouTube) Our Prayers and God's Will
⚙ New: (YouTube) Faith to Faith (6) We Who are Strong
⚙ New: (YouTube) Faith to Faith (5) Glory in Tribulation
⚙ New: 1Tesalonaeka 5:12-13.
⚙ Made new kangakorna jpg for 19th year online imgkorna006.jpg.

 Tasks completed October 2020

⚙STATS: Pages 261580, Visits 175891, Clicks 116,000, Downloads 1652.
⚙ Study pages now 1481.
⚙ PREACHED f377 f05f f415 f33b f06a f30r f050 f30l f45a f05g f823 f86c f86c f49b f18b f29a f297 f042 f09a f387 f088 f02j f05c f510 f02e f320 f259 f75p :
⚙ New: (YouTube) Faith to Faith (4) Your Body a Sacrifice
⚙ New: (YouTube) Faith to Faith (3) Buried With Christ
⚙ New: (YouTube) Faith to Faith (2) Mystery Made Manifest
⚙ New: (YouTube) Faith to Faith (1) The Developing Faith
⚙ New: (YouTube) Faith Hope Love (6) Daily Life Eternal Life
⚙ New: God i Stamba blong Pis
⚙ New: Tok Blong Jisas Jon 14:1-11
⚙ Added preload link for style sheet to eliminate the chain.
⚙ Installed new Google Analytics tag on all pages - deleted old.

 Tasks completed September 2020

⚙STATS: Pages 233912, Visits 163955, Clicks 115000, Downloads 1468.
⚙ Study pages now 1479.
⚙ New: (YouTube) Faith Hope Love (5) God's Precious Promises
⚙ New: Ezekiel Chapters 33-34-35-36
⚙ New: Trifala Spesl Hil
⚙ New: Daniel mo Drim blong King Nebukadnesa
⚙ New: Stanap Strong Waes Bilif
⚙ Fixed 11 bad links that Integrity scan found. Checked all.
⚙ Fixed typo in 6 files, added content to one, made new pdfs.

 Tasks completed August 2020

⚙STATS: Pages 243187, Visits 162259, Clicks 115,000, Downloads 1584.
⚙ Study pages now 1475.
⚙ New: Profet, Pris, mo King
⚙ New: Tanem Sore Nao i Kam Hapi
⚙ New: The Hand of God
⚙ New: Han Blong God
⚙ New: Ezekiel Chapters 29-30-31-32
⚙ New: Ezekiel Chapters 26-27-28
⚙ New: Ezekiel Chapters 24-25
⚙ Updated social media menu end, adding two facebook links.
⚙ Updated 4 home/welcome page intros. Added tribulation panel.
⚙ Adjusted print style to show scrip spans in black not red on pdf.
⚙ Did a number of error fixes and minor edits

 Tasks completed July 2020

⚙STATS: Pages 217414, Visits 151204, Clicks 115000, Downloads 1418.
⚙ Study pages now 1468.
⚙ New: (YouTube) Faith Hope Love (4) The Beloved Gaius
⚙ New: (YouTube) Faith Hope Love (3) The Blind Eye of Love
⚙ New: (YouTube) Faith Hope Love (2) To Know Christ's Love
⚙ New: (YouTube) Faith Hope Love (1) The Arrows of God
⚙ New: (YouTube) Heart4. He Forgave Me of All My Sins
⚙ New: (YouTube) Heart3. He Healed Me of All My Hurts
⚙ New: (YouTube) Heart2. He Made Me Understand my Life
⚙ New: The Seed Man Sows
⚙ New: The Church of Christ
⚙ New: Ezekiel Chapters 21-22-23

 Tasks completed Jun 2020

⚙STATS: Pages 208082, Visits 143142, Clicks 97400, Downloads 1156.
⚙ Study pages now 1465.
⚙ New: (YouTube) Heart1. Made me Honest with Myself
⚙ New: (YouTube) TC6. The Church that Jesus Bought
⚙ New: (YouTube) TC5. How to Find Christ’s Church
⚙ New: (YouTube) TC4. Simply Christians
⚙ New: (YouTube) TC3. What Went Wrong?
⚙ New: Our Response to Tribulation - (2)
⚙ New: What the Bible Truly Can Do
⚙ New: Tingting blong ol Traboltaem - (2)
⚙ New: Tingting blong ol Traboltaem - (1)
⚙ New: Trifala Kaen Man Nogud
⚙ Split 297/29a Response to Trials and expanded 29a to four points
⚙ Added scripture panel to f042 Three Kinds of Sinners

 Tasks completed May 2020

⚙STATS: Pages 267375, Visits 1773878, Clicks 113000, Downloads 1608.
⚙ Study pages now 1460.
⚙ New: Nambawan Kwestin We Yumi Mas Askem
⚙ New: Trifala Taem i stap
⚙ New: Hao Nao Bambae Yumi Usum Laef blong Yumi
⚙ New: Fastaem Noa i Wokem Wan Olta
⚙ New: (YouTube) TC2. Will Any Religion Do?
⚙ New: (YouTube) TC1. I Will Build My Church
⚙ New: (YouTube) OT6. Timeless Principles
⚙ New: (YouTube) OT5. Great Examples
⚙ New: (YouTube) OT4. Messianic Prophecies
⚙ New: (YouTube) OT3. Historical Facts
⚙ New: (YouTube) OT2. Is Old Testament Needed?
⚙ Added series flag to all dindex listings in SiFi

 Tasks completed April 2020

⚙STATS: Pages 342,500, Visits 224,500, Clicks 118,000, Downloads 1392.
⚙ Study pages now 1457.
⚙ New: Jesus, Way Truth Life
⚙ New: Beautiful Life Unending
⚙ New: Jesus Took Our Place
⚙ New: (YouTube) OT1. The Gospel in the Old Testament
⚙ New: Jisas hem nao i Rod, mo Trutok, mo Laef
⚙ New: Wan Get we i Smol Nomo Matiu 7:13
⚙ New: Jisas i bin Mekem Wan Sakrefaes
⚙ New: Ezekiel Chapters 18-19-20
⚙ New: Ezekiel Chapters 16-17
⚙ New: Hard to Hear (7)
⚙ Added images to Hard to Hear pages to make 6 to a page.

 Tasks completed March 2020

⚙STATS: Pages 274364, Visits 180551, Clicks 113000, Downloads 1339.
⚙ Study pages now 1448.
⚙ New: Church Meeting Online
⚙ New: Worship God's Son
⚙ New: Yumi Mas Safa Tumas
⚙ New: Hemia Tru Disaepol blong Kraes
⚙ New: Nambawan Samting long Laef blong Yu
⚙ New: Ezekiel Chapters 12-13-14-15
⚙ New: Ezekiel Chapters 9-10-11

 Tasks completed February 2020

⚙STATS: Pages 279,176, Visits 179,539, Clicks 112,000, Downloads 1342.
⚙ Study pages now 1441.
⚙ New: YouTube I Can! (5) Toward our Goal (Philippians)
⚙ New: YouTube I Can! (4) Spiritual Wellbeing (Philippians)
⚙ New: YouTube I Can! (3) Are You Positive? (Philippians)
⚙ New: YouTube I Can! (2) The Spiritual Mind (Philippians)
⚙ New: Tencommanmen i no blong NT
⚙ New: Ten Commandments Belong to Old Testament
⚙ New: Ezekiel Outline Chapters 6⁠-⁠7⁠-⁠8
⚙ New: Ezekiel Outline Chapters 4⁠-⁠5
⚙ Upgraded f288-the-unique-one with "his unique origin" added.
⚙ Fixed height of quiz master text area on mobile phone screen.
⚙ Validated sitemap xml and stylesheet css.

 Tasks completed January 2020

⚙STATS: Pages 275568, Visits 178998, Clicks 105000, Downloads 1434.
⚙ Study pages now 1437.
⚙ New: (YouTube) I Can! (1) Philippians
⚙ New: (YouTube) Fijian Singers (1)
⚙ New: (YouTube) Fijian Singers (2)
⚙ New: Hard to Hear (6)
⚙ New: Ezekiel Outline Chapters 2⁠-⁠3
⚙ New: Ezekiel Outline Chapter 1

 Tasks completed December 2019

⚙STATS: Pages 231,001, Visits 151,141, Clicks 98,000, Downloads 1,547, YouTubeViews N/A .
⚙ Study pages now 1434.
⚙ New: Hard To Hear Word of God (5)
⚙ New: Wanem Pita i bin Prij Wok2
⚙ New: YouTube ~GPlan4 The Gospel is the Power
⚙ New: YouTube ~GPlan3 Sin’s Source and Solution
⚙ New: YouTube ~GPlan2 Believing and Doing
⚙ Changed filename and metadata for f484 for SEO to regain ranking.
⚙. Added a social media info page to service pages, mainly for SiFi.

 Tasks completed November 2019

⚙STATS: Pages 265000, Visits 170962, Clicks 113000, Downloads 1601.
⚙ Study pages now 1428.
⚙ New: Hard To Hear Word of God (4)
⚙ New: Climate Change
⚙ New: Artificial Intelligence
⚙ New: Godless Universe
⚙ New: Encouraging Bible Verses 18
⚙ New: Hard To Hear Word of God (3)
⚙ New: YouTube ~GPlan1 Meaning Means Method
⚙ New: YouTube ~WhyBe5 If I Be Lifted Up, 30min
⚙ New: YouTube ~WhyBe4 The Inscription on the Cross, 30min
⚙ New: YouTube ~WhyBe3 Accomplished on the Cross, 30min
⚙ New: YouTube ~WhyBe2 Four Deaths Man Can Die, 30min
⚙ Ran integrity scan of site. Found and fixed 12 bad links of 9026.
⚙ Parallel check of pdf folders (local and server). Cleaned out unwanted files.
⚙ Parallel check sibi⁠-⁠backup1 and public⁠-⁠html and remedied mismatches
⚙ Revised, validated, and submitted site map. Fixed several errors.
⚙ Added more than 20 images to sitemap (Encouraging verses)

 Tasks completed October 2019

⚙STATS: Pages 288,842, Visits 189,098, Clicks 113,000, Downloads 1,414.
⚙ Study pages now 1422.
⚙ New: Hard To Hear Word of God (2)
⚙ New: Hard To Hear Word of God (1)
⚙ New: Hard To Hear Word of God (Cover)
⚙ New: Bible Facts About Joseph
⚙ New: Bible Facts About Time
⚙ New: YouTube ~WhyBe1-FiveFactsDeath, 30min
⚙ New: YouTube ~WWords6-Predestination, 30min
⚙ New: YouTube ~WWords5-Redemption, 30min
⚙ Set up HardToHear series including facebook page and links.
⚙ Upgraded iMac from Mojave to Catalina and iPad to OS13.1.3
⚙ Keywords: leader, ready, prepare, discern, decalogue (fixed).
⚙ Eliminated all instances of ReadMe left hanging around.
⚙ Indicator for stylesheet cached is green over yellow.
⚙ Major revision of style-sb.css and fixed errors to validate.

 Tasks completed September 2019

⚙STATS: Pages 314580, Visits 206214, Clicks 135,000, Downloads 1358.
⚙ Study pages now 1417 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: YouTube ~WWords4-Reconciliation, 30min
⚙ New: What if They'd Said No?
⚙ New: YouTube ~WWords3-Sanctification,30min
⚙ New: The Greatest Question Ever
⚙ Verified all 1787 files that link preload exists inserted in correct place.
⚙ Changed heading on search results; added WriteSubhead function.
⚙ Changed "Lookup" to the more specific "Index for".
⚙ Tidied up markup of the four home and welcome pages.
⚙ End⁠-⁠page links added to existing pages: 201.
⚙ Upgrade 2019: Truth7, Faith7, Three8, GPlan8, GenFa11, Respn10, WoMan11, Elder11, Wellb8, Dedic9, UpLaw9, Happy8, Magni8, Abstn8,
⚙ Upgrade 2019 (preload and endpage links) completed.

 Tasks completed August 2019

STATS: Pages 306860, Visits 192868, Clicks 123000, Downloads 1416.
⚙ ⚙Study pages now 1415 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: YouTube ~WWords2-Justification, 30min
⚙ New: YouTube ~WWords1-Salvation, 29min
⚙ New: Why Do You Call Me Lord?
⚙ New: The Part and the Perfect
⚙ Added YouTube/simplybible and Wordlvbs (including icon sprite) to links page.
⚙ End⁠-⁠page links added to existing pages: 203.
⚙ Upgrade 2019: SoulJ22, SealG17, Tulip16, Remem10, Mirac15, Warns14, PaulA14, SinLg22, Minis13, Money3.
⚙ Upgrade 2019: Done:1292/1415=91% rem123, 31AUG/Sat6pm/f073.

 Tasks completed July 2019

⚙STATS: Pages 277331, Visits 177628, Clicks 117000, Downloads 1416.
⚙ Study pages now 1413 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: Baebol Buk Jat
⚙ Added to xbis01 scripture and extra comment on name Jehovah.
⚙ Worked out method for consolidating SiFi data and tested examples.
⚙ Tinkered with SiFi slot to make it more intuitive.
⚙ Keywords added to SiFi, genuine, devotion, and burden.
⚙ Shortened tab names that were too long for small mobile display.
⚙ Changed dcharts from dotpoint lists to arrowed paras.
⚙ Fixed bug: synopsis for Bislama items not showing in SiFi.
⚙ End⁠-⁠page links added to existing pages: 209.
⚙ Upgrade 2019: MTrib13, InGod19, PProv26, Discp18, MustD24, SureS29,
⚙ Upgrade 2019: Done:1153/1413=81% rem260, 31JUL/Wed11am-f583.

 Tasks completed June 2019

Study pages now 1412 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: Spirit and Matter
⚙ Fixed bug in SiBi (Price did not have long file names).
⚙ Tidied up messy html at page ends in Isaiah studies.
⚙ Edited the root htaccess file to purge old (now unused) redirects.
⚙ Removed all redirections in pdf/.htaccess and corrected Ppdf.
⚙ Removed or renamed files in /pdf - local and on server. Tested all.
⚙ Files re above 008 066 382 440 459 569 596 59a 80p 826 864 885 940
⚙ Keyword fixes: preten, reward,
⚙ End⁠-⁠page links added to existing pages: 144 (22JUN/SAT8pmm-f75p).
⚙ Upgrade 2019: Patie7, SvEms8, SvInf7, Light23, ICanP20, Price11, WhyBe8, PQues14
⚙ Upgrade 2019: Done:1009/1412=71% rem403 22JUN/SAT8pm-f75p.

 Tasks completed May 2019

Study pages now 1411 and all have pdf versions.
⚙Checked current page speed. Tested pages scored 99 or 100.
⚙ New: A Good Memory Can Be a Bad Thing
⚙ New: YouTube ~Revelation 6, 29min
⚙ In all dindex files, made numerous minor corrections and edits and validated.
⚙ In all dindex files, moved arrows to within the href making them active.
⚙ Corrected synopsis (in ControlTrain.js) to indicate the full course pdf on all pages.
⚙ Bugfix: f08e not recognised on server causing 404 error. Followed rename procedure.
⚙ Made pdf for dadopt.htm and fixed link (ControlServc.js lacked function call).
⚙ Posted Revelation2 video (re Jesus) to facebook, twitter, pinterest.
⚙ Updated what's new page showing Jan-Apr, including new videos in list.
⚙ Inserted links to YouTube 30min Revelation videos in dindexRevln.htm
⚙ End⁠-⁠page links added to existing pages: 225(29MAY/WED2pm-f987).
⚙ Upgrade 2019: Hebrw26, James5, Pet1L13, Pet2L12, Jhn1L8, Jude8, Oppos11, Start6, Notes17, BiLis18, SSbib10, Train24, PreMl19, AD70p5.
⚙ Upgrade 2019: Done:910/1411=64% rem499 28MAY/TUE7pm-f988.

 Tasks completed April 2019

Study pages now 1410 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: YouTube ~Revelation 5, 29min
⚙ New: YouTube ~Revelation 4, 30min
⚙ New: YouTube ~Revelation 3, 29min
⚙ New: Quiz Questions, set 14
⚙ Inserted twoup class to block ipic from mobile display (for page speed).
⚙ Fixed f266 deleting misnamed file and checking all references.
⚙ Changed buttons on QuizMaster to images for easier touch on mobiles.
⚙ Fixed 18 crossword files (Show Answers bung, wrong files on server).
⚙ End⁠-⁠page links added to existing pages: 42(29APR/MON2pm-f950).
⚙ Upgrade 2019: Ths2L5, Tim1L16 Done:731/1409=52% rem678 17APR/WED2pm-f266.

 Tasks completed March 2019

Study pages now 1409 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: YouTube ~Revelation 1, 26min
⚙ New: YouTube ~Revelation 2, 29min
⚙ New: Why Walk a Narrow Road?
⚙ New: Aspirational Christians
⚙ New: Quiz on John Chapter 1
⚙ New: Grace and Wrath
⚙ Added 26 more questions to QuizMaster and tweaked the display.
⚙ Purged all instances of ShowQuizAnswer function and calls.
⚙ Number of end⁠-⁠page links added to existing pages: 147(29MAR/SAT4pm-f994).
⚙ Did final tweaks for page speed score 99/100 including 8 day cache all files.
⚙ Upgrade 2019: Grace14, Ephes14, Ths1L6, ChaCh29, Authy39, 710/1409 =50% done.

 Tasks completed February 2019

Study pages now 1405 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: YouTube ~Is Jesus God? (12 Verses).
⚙ New: YouTube ~What Shall it Profit? (Mark 8:36).
⚙ New: YouTube ~A Time for Gifts (Galatians 4:4-7).
⚙ New: Cherubim and Seraphim Explained
⚙ Fixed unwanted space beside top box in site navigator.
⚙ Checked sitemap and fixed one error (unescaped ampersand).
⚙ Ran Integrity scan, found a few bad links and fixed them.
⚙ Revised dindexMount; new simpler list is much easier to use.
⚙ Fixed answer display, added pdf, to quiz/puzzle pages Mount series.
⚙ Improved the display of stats in side panel, and changed some metrics.
⚙ Purged FindClick function from site. All Cross Reference Lookups converted.
⚙ Purged Google+ links from site prior to Google+ shutdown April 2.
⚙ Added section on beginning of Christianity to 99c Notes, Zion/Jerusalem.
⚙ Number of end⁠-⁠page links added to existing pages: 144 (28FEB/THU4pm-f981).
⚙ Upgrade 2019: TrueC17, Mount35, Think15, Galat14, 599/1404=42%done.

 Tasks completed January 2019

Study pages now 1404 (after audit) and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: Grace and Power
⚙ Audit of series to check number of lessons. New total 404
⚙ Number of end⁠-⁠page links added to existing pages: 215 (30JAN/WED4pm-f10d).
⚙ Upgrade 2019: Lis2J Heart Jesus OldTm Words Revln.
⚙ Modified LinkBack function, to avoid external sources triggering it.
⚙ Added "Tap a Lookup" prompt under the Cross References heading.
⚙ Purged moved.htm (used prior to htaccess handling redirects).

 Tasks completed December 2018

Study pages now 1415 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: When Are Sins Washed Away?
⚙ Number of end⁠-⁠page links added to existing pages: 170.
⚙ Upgrade 2019: Order Glory Forgv NwCov FullC TIsrl ActsF Defns.

 Tasks completed November 2018

Study pages now 1414 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ Number of end⁠-⁠page links added to existing pages: 127 (30NOV4pm).
⚙ Communicated with GeoTrust/DigitalPacific to fix SSL/Chrome issue.
⚙ SiFi upgraded, list-all-in-one display, no document.write.
⚙ Upgrade 2019: LDays IsaGl Parab QuizU XWord Repor Servc Mains Alpha.
⚙ Added pdf files to 2017 and 2018 reports.
⚙ Deleted treetop and treesup and purged references.
⚙ Added PREV and NEXT to pick-a-box in ControlMains.
⚙ Edited and tested one quiz page (701) as a trial.
⚙ Purged all other instances of document.write from entire site.
⚙ Revised ReadMe (function deleted) eliminating document.write.
⚙ Revised six-steps-to-grace eliminating function/document.write.
⚙ Revised TryQuizMaster links eliminating document.write.
⚙ Revised Google Analytics eliminating document.write.
⚙ Revised Copyright on print eliminating document.write.
⚙ Revised stats-if-no-sidebar eliminating document.write.
⚙ Revised quiz page answer buttons eliminating document.write.
⚙ Revised LinkBack function eliminating document.write.
⚙ Revised Google custom site search eliminating document.write.
⚙ Revised sidebar eliminating document.write.
⚙ Revised page top and tabs eliminating document.write.
⚙ Revised Find Click as straight links eliminating document.write.

 Tasks completed October 2018

Study pages now 1414 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: God’s Covenant With Adam
⚙ New: Is Belief in a Flat Earth Biblical?
⚙ New: Seven More Attitudes in Prayer
⚙ New: YouTube ~Jesus in His Youth (Luke 2:52).
⚙ New: YouTube ~To Whom Shall We Go? (John 6:68).
⚙ Added reciprocal links to dnote.htm and dannotations.htm
⚙ Number of end⁠-⁠page links added to existing pages: 50.
⚙ Words added to Finder: heal,

 Tasks completed September 2018

Study pages now 1411 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: Notes on 'Breaking of Bread'
⚙ New: Who Wrote the Bible and Why?
⚙ New: Facts About Creation
⚙ Number of end⁠-⁠page links added to existing pages: 59.
⚙ Added sblogo to random KangaKorna and improved the Sidebar function.
⚙ Fixed social media buttons on magazine pages: classes weren't updated.
⚙ Words added to Finder: image, inspire, mistake/error,

 Tasks completed August 2018

Study pages now 1408 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: Why Did God Make Humans?
⚙ New: Why Did Adam and Eve Disobey God?
⚙ New: Where Was God at Creation?
⚙ New: Prayer And Salvation
⚙ New: Prayer And Staying Saved
⚙ New: The Importance of Scripture
⚙ New: A Disciple's Behaviour
⚙ New: YouTube ~Bible Reading (Acts 2).
⚙ New: YouTube ~Feed My Sheep (John 21:15-17).
⚙ New: YouTube ~What Is Your Life? (James 4:14).
⚙ New: YouTube ~Was Paul Crucified for You? (1Corinthians 1:13).
⚙ Words added to Finder: importance, backslide, presence, nearness, closeness,
⚙ Changed facebook tab to YouTube tab on mobile phone screens.
⚙ Fixed bug: extra arrow showing on lookups in Alpha indexes.
⚙ Fixed bug: synopsis for Bible readings was not showing in SiBi results.

 Tasks completed July 2018

Study pages now 1401 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: Regeneration, Born Again
⚙ New: “Born Again Christian”
⚙ New: YouTube ~By What Authority...?
⚙ New: YouTube ~Seven Utterances on the Cross
⚙ Made dyoutubess.htm defunct because it duplicated dindexSlide.htm
⚙ Added “/video” to YouTube links so all thumbnails display.
⚙ Revised YouTube pages, shortened links, got rid of embeds.
⚙ Improved SiFi handling times and numbers, eg “70th week”.
⚙ Added YouTube and Pinterest to Buttons Explained (dpickabox.htm).
⚙ Replaced smiley on dowload buttons with down arrow ⤓ symbol.
⚙ Replaced the confusing arrow in SiFi comments with ❖ symbol.
⚙ Tested tab display for all lesson series, made adjustments where needed.
⚙ Tested "NEXT" for all lessons in all series, made corrections.

 Tasks completed June 2018

Study pages now 1399 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: How God Helps the Tempted
⚙ New: 17 Principles (Seal of God Overview)
⚙ New: I Am Who I Am
⚙ New: Sin and Prayer Quiz
⚙ New: YouTube ~What Happened To Jesus
⚙ New: YouTube ~Unlimited Forgiveness
⚙ New: Acts Facts eBook 2
⚙ New: Acts Facts eBook 3
⚙ New: Acts Facts eBook 4
⚙ Made several dual service pages without icons, with option to show icons.
⚙ Multifile search finding used z images. Deleted about 100 unused.
⚙ Finished eliminating small square images (isq) and archived them.
⚙ Fixed some problems causing Slide Shows not to display properly.
⚙ Replaced sprite images for pagination navigator with css no image.
⚙ Took icons out of page-end social menu. Used pickabox icons in side bar.
⚙ Trimmed zsprites image leaving only pick-a-box icons.
⚙ Found and fixed scripting error on dindexBiLis.htm (wrong FName and Control).
⚙ Found bug: if simple mode fails on page, ensure scripts are above nav tag.
⚙ Split stylesheet into style-sb.css and style-script.css
⚙ Made some adjustments to side bar, including spacing the social menu.
⚙ Fine tuned the width and height of the three content areas.
⚙ Incorporated the 5 magazine pages into new system. (Old system broken).
⚙ Fixed bug in Encouraging Bible Verses (LatestVersesPage variable).
⚙ Made new pdf for each letter to the seven churches to update.
⚙ Fixed answers (not working) to exercises on f144, f141, f145, Outreach.
⚙ Tidied up index.htm and dhome.htm and put their scripts nearer page end.
⚙ Edited f484 Amen attempting to restore its ranking in Google.
⚙ Fixed bug in Pickabox: quiz button code generated not found error.
⚙ Documented all the technical steps for making YouTube slide shows.
⚙ Made first two Screenium3 slide shows for YouTube (see New above).

 Tasks completed May 2018

Study pages now 1395 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: Sin and Prayer
⚙ Ran virus check on entire remote site: no infection found.
⚙ Installed Screenium3 software for making slideshows on YouTube.
⚙ Installed Scrutiny software for link checking etc.
⚙ Fixed several not found (404) errors and updated htaccess file.
⚙ Purged links to blog from simplybible webpages.
⚙ Uninstalled WordPress and redirected BlogURL to simplybible welcome page.
⚙ Replaced arrow image with ➤ for lists.
⚙ Split 2010 ministry report into four quarters.
⚙ Completed 2018 upgrade to long file names for all study pages.
⚙ Completed 2018 upgrade to non-blocking system scripts for all pages.
⚙ Revised and reduced the thread box code in pickabox function.
⚙ Deleted from all system files the thread handler. No longer needed.
⚙ Modified LinkBack function to work with threads system.
⚙ Reworked the threads page to look and feel like other indexes.

 Tasks completed April 2018

Study pages now 1394 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: Grace and All People
⚙ New: Does John 10:28 Allow Sin?
⚙ Fixed relative linking between Bible Readings and Encouraging Verses.
⚙ Purged all references to glossary pages in the htaccess file in pdf folder.
⚙ Replaced all GetGreek script calls with direct code strings.
⚙ Eliminated the GetGreek function from all Control files.
⚙ Fixed mis-matching htm and pdf names in some glossary pages.
⚙ Replaced version number at bottom of pages with email address (coded).

 Tasks completed March 2018

Study pages now 1392 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: Jesus Gives What You Want Most
⚙ New: Adam’s Predicament (Forgv)
⚙ Fixed Revelation tab (label not fitting on tab at minimum screen width).
⚙ Deleted EmAddy function in favour of direct html using hex code.

 Tasks completed February 2018

Study pages now 1391 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: Helpless, Hapless, Hopeless
⚙ New: Paul and Peter's Gospel - Different?
⚙ New: Quiz on Galatians chapters 1 and 2
⚙ New: Quiz on Galatians chapters 3 and 4
⚙ New: Quiz on Galatians chapters 5 and 6
⚙ Fixed puzzle on f023-2Pet to read vertically for better font size.
⚙ Changed soul diagram placement from small in right column to full size at end of lesson.
⚙ Changed "Touch" to "Tap" as in "Touch the button title" etc.
⚙ Fixed "noindex" in five files notified by Google.

 Tasks completed January 2018

For January: Pages 128,962, Visitors around 3000, Downloads 998.
⚙ Study pages now 1386 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: List of Bible Verses About Water
⚙ Fixed lack of pdf files for individual "Places in Acts" lessons.
⚙ Revelation and Acts series now have long names and scripts moved.
⚙ Added to .htaccess around 1000 redirects (long to short filenames).
⚙ Added "house", "divkingdom", "branch" to Finder keywords.
⚙ Added "principle", "drink", "signs", "Judah", "head" to Finder keywords.

 Tasks completed December 2017

Study pages now 1385 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: Index to Library of Tracts
⚙ Added "watch" and "wait" to Finder (previously no result).
⚙ Fixed psimple page display mode, and eliminated printpv mode.
⚙ Tested some pages in ControlMains.js and ControlServc.js all ok.
⚙ Modified style-sb.css to style-sb.css to work with ControlXXXXX.js
⚙ Worked out changes from cStartupXXXXX.js to non-blocking ControlXXXXX.js
⚙ Checked that Bing and Yahoo are indexing as https:// (yes).
⚙ Updated the back of all tracts and uploaded them.

 Tasks completed November 2017

Study pages now 1385 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: List of Bible Verses About Light
⚙ New: Measures of the Soul
⚙ New: Beauty and Ugliness (Opposites)
⚙ New: Heaven and Hell (Opposites)
⚙ New: Design and Chance (Opposites)
⚙ New: Choked by Thorns, Bearing No Fruit
⚙ New: Itching Ears, Itching Palms, Itching Feet
⚙ New: What God Says About Sex
⚙ New: Can We Pray to Jesus or Only to the Father?
⚙ Changed all Pinterest pins to https//
⚙ Added keywords to SiFi, chaos, design, chance, etc.
⚙ Took down SSL badge. It's done its job. Added SSL link to admin page.
⚙ Changed years on line to 15 so it's done for December.

 Tasks completed October 2017

Study pages now 1376 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: What Eternity Lacks (Revelation 21)
⚙ New: The Unencumbered Life
⚙ New: God’s Purpose - Our Choice
⚙ New: Sharing in Christ’s Sufferings
⚙ Fixed up paypaldonate and restored its button in pickabox.
⚙ Aquired the PayPal link "".
⚙ Downloaded and uploaded plugin to WordPress to convert blog to SSL.
⚙ Submitted and tested sitemap in Webmaster Tools for new property.
⚙ Opened and verified new property in Webmaster Tools as "https://"
⚙ Used cPanel to update redirects (in htaccess) for all domains.
⚙ Removed most URL changes from startup files URLmodification().
⚙ Created new function and class for security tag in banner.

 Tasks completed September 2017

Study pages now 1372 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: Third Deepend Page
⚙ New: Are You Actually a Christian?
⚙ New: Are You Actively a Christian?
⚙ New: Are You Christian in Attitude?
⚙ New: Are You a Christian in Ambition?
⚙ Purchased SSL certificate and had Digital Pacific install it.
⚙ Changed social icons in mag pages to sprites with hyperlinks.
⚙ Reduced double set of maps to just the one set. Fixed hrefs.
⚙ Purged and deleted all unused or unnecessary images prefixed "img".
⚙ Purged links to, and deleted, all separate images prefixed "icon".
⚙ Fixed up the DeepEnd pages which much needed doing.
⚙ Validated all alpha index files, corrected three errors found.
⚙ Fixed a few minor issues with the site rendering on small mobiles.
⚙ Fixed a few minor issues with the site rendering on iPad.
⚙ In crosswords, deleted black square image and used css only
⚙ Added curve to banner and improved rendering of top logo.
⚙ Dressed up the SiFi slot top and bottom to render better.
⚙ Made layout of home, hubs, admin, info, more mobile friendly.
⚙ Thorough revision of css and conversion of font-size to ems.
⚙ Decided transitions too complex. Deleted from css and slide files.

 Tasks completed August 2017

Study pages now 1368 and all have pdf versions.
⚙ New: Bible Crossword No.18
⚙ New: Bible Verses About Life
⚙ New: Three Marvelous Mountains
⚙ New: The Disciple’s Forgiveness
⚙ New: The Disciple’s Repentance
⚙ New: The Disciple’s Fellowship
⚙ New: The Disciple’s Judgment
⚙ New: The Disciple’s Justice
⚙ New: The Helmet of Salvation
⚙ New: Why the Warnings
⚙ Keywords added to SiFi: warn.
⚙ Upgrade status: No files left, upgrade completed.
⚙ Upgraded Happy (8), Grace (12), PQues (14).
⚙ Upgraded Patience (7), PaulA (13), Wellbeing (8).
⚙ Upgraded ICan! (18), PProv (20).
⚙ Upgrade status 102 files left.
⚙ Upgraded Priceless (11), Light (20).

 Tasks completed July 2017

Added 'purpose' and 'resist' to keywords in Finder.
⚙ Made new function in Finder for single word disambiguation.
⚙ Upgraded series Dedicated (6), SoulJ (22).
⚙ Upgraded series Gen Faith (11), ChaCh (27), Abstinence (8).
⚙ Upgraded series UpLaw (9), Money (3), Involvement (19).
⚙ Upgraded series MTrib (12), Forgiveness (12), Responsibility (10).
⚙ Purged references to Maryborough church for the time being.

 Tasks completed June 2017

Study pages now 1358.
⚙ New: A Disciple's Rebuke
⚙ New: A Disciple's Fear
⚙ New: The Disciplined Individual
⚙ New: Facts About Ezra and Nehemiah (Bible List)
⚙ New: Facts About Samson (Bible List)
⚙ New: Facts About Elisha (Bible List)
⚙ New: Facts About Elijah (Bible List)
⚙ New: Facts About Heaven (Bible List)
⚙ New: List of Bible Rebukes (Bible List)
⚙ New: Facts About King David (Bible List)
⚙ New: Facts About Jerusalem (Bible List)
⚙ New: Facts About Moses (Bible List)
⚙ New: Facts About Daniel (Bible List)
⚙ Fixed six Ppdf="pdf/f corrected to Ppdf="pdf/ff
⚙ Added "rebuke" and "fact" keywords to Finder database.
⚙ Added Bible Fact Sheets to dtopics under 5.Bible Study.
⚙ Upgrade status: Exactly 280 left to do; all are fxxx files.
⚙ Upgraded series Wonderful Words (16).
⚙ Upgraded series Seven Influences (5), Bible lists (4).
⚙ Upgraded series Discples (9), Premil (19), AD70 (5).

 Tasks completed May 2017

Upgrade status: About 340 files left to do; all are fxxx files.
⚙ Upgraded all dindex files and created all remaining cStartup files.
⚙ Upgraded series Magnificent (8), Seven Ems (9). Upgraded series Elder (13), Truth (8), Remember (11).
⚙ Upgraded series Seven Ems (9), Must Do (22), Ministry (14).
⚙ Upgraded series Glossary (34) including fixing much bad markup.
⚙ Upgraded series Outreach (12), Miracles (15), Tulip (15).

 Tasks completed April 2017

Tested startups and download, on Moz, Edge, Chrome, Safari.
⚙ Fixed download links to conform with html5 standard.
⚙ Upgraded series Warnings (13), Why Be Religious? (8), Woman (10).
⚙ Upgraded series These Three (7), Sin and Legalism (12).
⚙ Upgraded series Training (24), Seal of God (17).
⚙ All non-study pages now migrated to short startups.
⚙ Migrated all reports to own startup script (Repor).
⚙ Migrated all thread lists to own startup script (Thred).
⚙ Migrated all service pages to own startup script (Servc).
⚙ Migrated all Alpha indexes to own startup script (Alpha).
⚙ Migrated 12 main service pages to own startup script (Mains).
⚙ Upgraded series Notes (15), Last Days (17).

 Tasks completed March 2017

New: Galatians 4 (Bible Reading)
⚙ New: Jude (Bible Reading)
⚙ New: Encouraging Bible Verses 17
⚙ New: Encouraging Bible Verses 16
⚙ New: Satan at War
⚙ New: A Time Times and Half a Time
⚙ Redo: Three and a Half
⚙ Attached new startup script to all upgraded series.
⚙ Completed specific startup script and untangled the spaghetti.
⚙ Improved the WISE acrostic in Topics.
⚙ Upgraded series: TruTok (15), Start (6).
⚙ Upgraded series: Encouraging Verses (17), Bible Readings (10).
⚙ Upgraded series: 1John (8), Jude (8).
⚙ Upgraded series: 2Peter (12), Revelation (85).
⚙ Split "Battle of Armageddon" and revamped a little.
⚙ Split "Handling Bible Aright" into its two parts.
⚙ Split "Three and a Half" (Revelation) and revamped.
⚙ Added sunburst to css normal style sheet.
⚙ Made specific cStartup scripts for all upgraded series to date.
⚙ Upgraded series: James (5), First Peter (13)

 Tasks completed February 2017

Added call to action in init par of all dindex files.
⚙ Improved the sidebar content in specific cStartup.
⚙ Series Blessed Assurance migrated to ControlSureS.js as pilot.
⚙ Made series specific cStartup script 30% size of full one.
⚙ Upgraded series: QuizU (14), Hebrews (26).
⚙ Upgraded series: 1Timothy (15), Blessed Assurance (28).
⚙ Upgraded series: Ephesians (12), 1&2Thessalonians (10).
⚙ Upgraded series: Thinking Through Romans (15), Galatians (11).

 Tasks completed January 2017

New: Encouraging Bible Verses 15
⚙ New: Encouraging Bible Verses 14
⚙ New: Explanation of Navigator Buttons
⚙ Tweaked the pickabox display and changed order of the buttons.
⚙ Listed Simply Bible Readings in pick-a-box, digest, and sitemap.
⚙ Fixed a few minor bugs in Finder and deleted MoreHandler.
⚙ Changed markup of maps in all Acts Facts verse by verse lessons.
⚙ Completed upgrade and pdf, Acts Chapters 14-27, 24 lessons.

 Tasks completed December 2016

New: Beginning and End (Bible opposites)
⚙ New: Slide Show f75w
⚙ New: What Was Jesus Doing in AD17?
⚙ Put seasonal wishes, image, and lookup on welcome page.
⚙ Updated dmobile.htm explaining why is defunct.
⚙ Edited root htaccess to redirect robots searching for mobile folder.
⚙ Completed upgrade and pdf, Acts verse by verse, Chapters 8-13,28.
⚙ Upgraded 49x 243 40a 90e 282 337 34a

 Tasks completed November 2016

New: Acts chapter 2 in simple English
⚙ New: Acts chapter 3 in simple English
⚙ Completed upgrade and pdf, Acts verse by verse, Chapters 1-7.
⚙ Made SiFi more intelligent on "adventure" and "Moses".
⚙ Made 'next outline' links for Isaiah outlines.
⚙ Made images for 14 and 15 years on line (Yrsol).
⚙ Found and fixed bug in Copyright Years (variable not initialised).
⚙ Made pdf files for OldTm, TIsrl, IsaGl.
⚙ Made pdf files for FullC, Jesus, Mount, Order, and NwCov.
⚙ Upgraded numerous files to eliminate cQuest.js from quizzes.
⚙ Attended to site hacking emergency caused by AYYILDIZ TIM.
⚙ Transferred ADSL broadband from Eftel to Telstra.

 Tasks completed October 2016

New: Innocence and Guilt (Bible opposites)
⚙ New: Remembering and Forgetting (Bible opposites)
⚙ Made SiFi more intelligent on "brain" and "breath".
⚙ Made pdf files for all Heart, Parables, L2J, and Glory lessons.
⚙ Adjusted .htaccess file in pdf folder for changes below.
⚙ Added about 25 new pdf files for selected popular pages.
⚙ Adjusted existing pdf files to work with new function.
⚙ Renamed all pdf files with long explanatory filenames.
⚙ Fixed print on paper (and save to pdf) style for vigbg borders.
⚙ Added CopyrightOnPrint() function for notice on pdf files.
⚙ Added PdfLink() function for download link top of footer.
⚙ Upgrades (29d 464)

 Tasks completed September 2016

New: Knowledge and Ignorance (Bible opposites)
⚙ Added keywords to SiFi —argue, dissent, contented.
⚙ Fixed 29 files with multiple h1 tags as notified by Bing Web Tools.
⚙ Upgrades (011 342 407 349 347 124 74h 74k)

 Tasks completed August 2016

New: Crossword Puzzle number 17
⚙ New: Encouraging Bible Verses 11
⚙ New: Encouraging Bible Verses 12
⚙ New: Encouraging Bible Verses 13
⚙ New: Facts About Isaiah (Simple List)
⚙ New: Colossians 1 (Bible Readings)
⚙ New: Romans 8 (Bible Readings)
⚙ New: Galatians 3 (Bible Readings)
⚙ New: Wisdom and Foolishness (Bible opposites)
⚙ New: Light and Darkness (Bible opposites)
⚙ New: Truth and Error (Bible opposites)
⚙ Made a new steps chart to replace image and short chart.
⚙ Tweaked Topics page and modified the total study pages tally.
⚙ Corrected three Bible verse images (changed "Proverbs" to "Psalm").
⚙ Upgrades (01f 20i)

 Tasks completed July 2016

New: Good and Evil (Bible opposites)
⚙ New: What Does Ministry Require?
⚙ Upgrades (870 436 198 32a 08a 531 470)

 Tasks completed June 2016

New: Grace and Prayer (True Grace Series)
⚙ New: Bible Readings 1Peter 1
⚙ New: Bible Readings 2Peter 1
⚙ Fixed about 100 remaining files (long title/description).
⚙ Fixed about 100 remaining files (multiple h1 tags).
Removed code that made Simple mode run on. Error prone.
⚙ Revised PageTop and PageEnd for Simple and PrintPV modes.
⚙ Combined the two AssembleFinder functions into one.
⚙ Revised and upgraded Page States/Options page.
⚙ Improved SiFi search slots, revised search instructions page.
⚙ Inserted <hr> between items in all alphabetic indexes.
⚙ Upgrades (45b 452 801 015 983 489 998 466 13a 461 165)

 Tasks completed May 2016

New: Grace and the Ethiopian (True Grace Series)
⚙ New: Grace and Human Flesh (True Grace Series)
⚙ Upgrades (954 194 45e)

 Tasks completed April 2016

New: Grace and the Great Commissionm (True Grace Series)
⚙ New: Grace and Virtue (True Grace Series)
⚙ Upgrade of WordPress software via Softaculous.
⚙ Checked links on dlinks.htm and upgraded page.
⚙ Enhanced the linkback function for better display.
⚙ Combined endlink with optional linkback for simplicity.
⚙ Upgrades (193 195 196 927 208 058 151)
⚙ Upgrades (192 19e 859 925 865 926 829 830 197 915)
⚙ Split f192 (SealG Chart) with f19e (17 Principles).
⚙ Transferred some functions from cStartup to cFinder3.
⚙ Found and fixed bug: a ghost from the old T() theasaurus function
⚙ SiFi keywords: story, uplift,

 Tasks completed March 2016

New: Slide Show f230 “Highest, Mightiest, Greatest”
⚙ New: Grace and The Passover (True Grace Series)
⚙ New: Notes on the Passover (Fully re-written)
⚙ New: Grace and Noah (True Grace Series)
⚙ Modified vignettes: Added vigmauve, Lightened viggray.
⚙ In Finder phraseology, created a Classes function to build on.
⚙ Upgrades (088 000 001 002 418 30j 450 288 511 73a)
⚙ In Finder phraseology, created a ScriptureRef function to build on.
⚙ Fixed display in simple and printpv views on narrow mobile screens.
⚙ Edited slide shows for the lessons on Jude’s short letter.

 Tasks completed February 2016

New: Grace and the Pentecost (True Grace Series)
⚙ New: Grace and the Cross (True Grace Series)
⚙ New: Grace and the Leper (True Grace Series)
⚙ Eliminated "slide-darkentop.png" from all slide pages.
⚙ Edited slide show for "What is the Church?" (f186-what-is-the-church.htm)
⚙ Documented SEO strategies for in 2015 and 2016.
⚙ Documented influence of Google algorithm upgrades on traffic.
⚙ Modified PDF box to automatically download in browsers that support it.

 Tasks completed January 2016

New: Crossword Number 16.
⚙ New: Crossword Number 15.
⚙ New: Grace and Grace Alone (True Grace Series)
⚙ New: Grace and Repentance (True Grace Series)
⚙ Added new function CharOccurs(str,chr) to Startup script.
⚙ Added key words (eating, ) to SiFi,
⚙ Added key words (lovely, story, index, thirst, hunger) to SiFi,
⚙ Fixed bug in Prev, Next, and List boxes on Welcome Page.
⚙ Added Google search to Home page, Search results, and Search tips.
⚙ Coded extra line for "past 12 months" in tally viewed on home page etc.

 Tasks completed December 2015

New: Slide Show f285 “Christ, Forgiver of All Trespasses”
⚙ New: Slide Show f281 “Christ, Perfect Example of All Suffering”
⚙ Fixed about 30 instances where RelSD was wrongly set to zero.
⚙ Fixed bug (id conflict) in pick-a-box top button mobile mode.
⚙ Tweaked layout of mobile phone pagetop to improve design.
⚙ Completed upgrading dindexes (including hr) to improve mobile display.
⚙ Fixed bug with new class .idxico replacing .listicon and .icon classes.

 Tasks completed November 2015

New: Slide Show f278 “Christ, Source of All Spiritual Wisdom ”
⚙ New: Slide Show f267 “Christ, Opponent of All False Religion ”
⚙ New: Slide Show f294 “Christ, King Now Reigning”
⚙ New: Slide Show f293 “Christ, Head of His Church”
⚙ Purged all references to the defunct classes nojs and onlyjs.
⚙ Corrected five errors in style-sb and validated.
⚙ Updated-tested robots.txt to disallow pdf and domains folders.
⚙ Fixed dsimply.htm, broken link to Boll’s article. Made onsite pdf.
⚙ Made a different icon for each item on dinfo.htm.
⚙ Made unique icon sprites for each of the 12 pages with iconized lists.
⚙ Isolated index.htm at FNI[8] with its own unique icon sprite.
⚙ Found bug Hub1 and Welcome page (sprite malfunction on Android).
⚙ Made a new diagram (not using an image) for dsitemap.
⚙ Changed order of pick-a-box icons and added two more.

 Tasks completed October 2015

New: Slide Show f247 “Christ, Judge of All Conduct”
⚙ New: Slide Show f248 “Christ, Reconciler of All Enemies”
⚙ New: Slide Show f254 “Christ, Creator of All Things”
⚙ New: Slide Show f255 “Christ, JudgeMaster of All Rulers”
⚙ New: Crossword Number 14.
⚙ Modified and simplified page-top javascript functions.
⚙ Updated dhelp, dstruct, dpagestates, dsitemap.
⚙ Replaced embedded videos with buttons for fast pageload.
⚙ Removed iframe from system. Trouble despite improvements.
⚙ Removed facebook plugin because malfunctioning.
⚙ Tidied up the bottom of pages, social menu and endplate.
⚙ Excluded my IP addresses from Google and AwStats reports.
⚙ Added keywords "chain", "bond", "sancti", "lamb", and "hypoc" to SiFi.
⚙ Eliminated all Bible book abbreviations that remained.
⚙ Attempted improvements to the mini lesson display in iframe.
⚙ Added map of Australia to Kanga Korna random image set.

 Tasks completed September 2015

New: ...And Between - Continuing in Christ +slides.
⚙ New: Why the Holy Spirit Dwells in Us +slides.
⚙ New: Slide Show f251 “At the Crossroads”
⚙ Finished favourite Bible chapters index.
⚙ Fixed up Paraclete thread omissions.
⚙ Made two transitions for use in slide shows: zoompoint and zoomspan.
⚙ In each subindex, replaced generic alpha icon with specific letter icon.
⚙ Posted existing notelets (dnote.htm) to alpha indexes and SiFi Mentality.
⚙ New styling for Galatians outline f980-galat-galatians-outline.htm to improve appearance.
⚙ Implemented new color palette (17 colors, plus 7 white-to-black).
⚙ Adjusted maps page to suit mobile phones, and display width 3 properly.
⚙ Split big crosswords f723-crossword-3.htm/4 into four narrow 7x13 puzzles.

 Tasks completed August 2015

Split big crosswords f721-crossword-1.htm/2 into four narrow 7x13 puzzles.
⚙ Eliminated tooltip from all files using it. Incompatible with mobile browsers.
⚙ Deleted entire archive at members datafast - monitoring effect.
⚙ Upgraded to Windows 10 on two computers and checked site in Edge browser.
⚙ Deleted Gmail account and made the primary Google username.
⚙ Trashed unwanted properties in Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.
⚙ Fixed up Quiz and Crossword indexes including lists generated by SiFi.

 Tasks completed July 2015

New: Three Sabbaths Chart
⚙ New: What did the New Covenant Replace?
⚙ New: When was the New Covenant Made?
⚙ Deleted picture puzzle on 70h.htm and the image files exclusive to it.
⚙ Remade puzzle pages in Sermon on the Mount series.
⚙ Made mobile-friendly narrow crossword template 7x13. Examples f70a, 70b.

 Tasks completed June 2015

New: The Humility of Jesus
⚙ New: The Authority of Jesus
⚙ New: Encouraging Bible Verses —Page 9
⚙ New: Encouraging Bible Verses —Page 8
⚙ Checked FTI (“Next” titles) for every lesson and list on site.
⚙ Tinkered with Magazine styles to enhance appearance on narrow screens.
⚙ Finished sorting out style-sb and purging various entries no longer used.
⚙ Sorted out colors in style-sb and replaced all color names with hashcodes.
⚙ Got rid of remaining images for gradients and used css gradients instead.
⚙ Sorted out muddle in style-sb for content div (#content2).
⚙ Purged eight old kanga images (reduced 4 of them to isq images).
⚙ Changed dlist1 to dindexMeans, and dlist2 to dthread-favourite-bible-chapters.
⚙ Made iconsprite for Deepend - covers both pages.
⚙ Moved iconsprites from external style sheet to head of relevant pages.
⚙ Simplified page end functions, improved page end design.
⚙ Purged all print classes except .noprint, .print, .paper, .printpv
⚙ Purged all unused style sheets. There are now 3 style sheets in use.
⚙ Changed all "aptja" files to style-sb (eliminated style006).
⚙ Purged all unused js files. There are now 5 scripts in use.

 Tasks completed May 2015

New: Baptism for the Dead
⚙ New: To Him Who Is Able...
⚙ New: But You Beloved...
⚙ New: Enoch’s Promise of Judgment
⚙ New: Images of Doom and Danger
⚙ New: Defilers Speaking Evil
⚙ New: Choice, Change, Challenge
⚙ New: Jude's Short Letter
⚙ New: Fighting for the First Faith
⚙ Added noprint to class on "Google+" line bottom of each page.
⚙ Created new series: Letter from Jude
⚙ Reorganised the Finder/Phraseology script.
⚙ Changed delimeter in cFinder from + to ~ to simplify regex construction.
⚙ New keyword in Finder: pagan/heathen/idol.

 Tasks completed April 2015

New: Well Done! Come!
⚙ Revised outdated instructions on dsearch and dsrchtips pages.
⚙ Eliminated external cSearchPage and placed script on to page.
⚙ Acquired domain (added to .net and .org)
⚙ Ensured .htaccess does not redirect simplybible domains.
⚙ Modified Google stats function to trigger only if GoodUrl=="YES".
⚙ Added a GoodURL switch to startup to request canonical .com URLs.
⚙ Simplified simple mode code and eliminated the subroutines.
⚙ Fixed all email problems redirecting and receiving (
⚙ Purged all references to Alias —no longer needed.
⚙ Switched sites on Bing Webmaster tools to .com (not .au)
⚙ Updated web address (deleted .au) on all social media profiles.
⚙ Corrected web bible references (broken links) on 63 pages.
⚙ Completely rewrote f057 (size of Noah’s Ark)
⚙ Adjusted cStartup to write .com (sans .au) in links.
⚙ Modified and tested GoogleStats in cSlideScript (catches first slide).
⚙ Set up Google analytics for
⚙ Modified robots.txt, sitemap and
⚙ Modified .htaccess, robots.txt, sitemap and canonicals to .com (sans .au)
⚙ Switched main site from to

 Tasks completed March 2015

New: Encouraging Bible Verses —Page 7
⚙ New: Encouraging Bible Verses —Page 6
⚙ New: Encouraging Bible Verses —Page 5
⚙ New: Encouraging Bible Verses —Page 4
⚙ New: Encouraging Bible Verses —Page 3
⚙ New: Encouraging Bible Verses —Page 2
⚙ New: Encouraging Bible Verses —Page 1
⚙ Secured domain. Now have .com, .net, .org.
⚙ Found and fixed bug —printpreview blank in simple mode.
⚙ Mended 66 broken links to WEB in Abbreviations page.
⚙ Combined and minified Pick-a-box functions.
⚙ Combined style007.css, with 008, 009 and 000 as style-sb.css
⚙ All Bible verse images titled and registered on sitemap.
⚙ Checked all 60 Bible verse entries and rectified errors.
⚙ Incorporated 30 annotations into Finder Mentality also.
⚙ Completed migration of notes to the new simplified annotations system.
⚙ Converted NOTE, QUOTE, INFO, and MAP flags to sprites on zsprites.
⚙ Purged from site all references to AnotA, AnotB, and AnotC.
⚙ Removed AssembleFinderBig() as it is redundant.
⚙ Removed the old "suggest keywords" system in bottom slot.
⚙ Fixed bug: KeyWord showing "undefined" in Finder slot.
⚙ Purged from site all references to SynopsisA and SynopsisB.
⚙ Added scripture verses to f667,f668,f669 (parables).
⚙ Keyword "lost" entered into siFi (Finder3).
⚙ De-scripted the thread list synopses for all thread indexes.
⚙ Converted sibi and sifi logos to sprites on zsprites.
⚙ Converted small dot-point arrow and link ico to sprites on zsprites.
⚙ Converted 9 small social menu images to sprites on zsprites.
⚙ Tested page top in ten browsers to tweak and debug.
⚙ Revised pagetop divs to simplify display procedure.
⚙ Revised banner to render logo as styled text instead of image.
⚙ Combined Library and Startup javascripts as cStartupF.

 Tasks completed February 2015

Adjusted icon sprites on home, hubs, and info/about indexes.
⚙ Added cache control to .htaccess and eliminated cVersion.
⚙ Purged all left-over references to GetIpic() and GetAdvert().
⚙ Modified html code for byline and ipic on 1500 pages.
⚙ Transfers to cStartupM.cs (sans cMinor) completed.

 Tasks completed January 2015

New: Pleasing God
⚙ New: Happy New You!
⚙ Combined all scripts for Finder into one script.
⚙ Transfers to cStartupM.js (sans cMinor) up to FNI[50].
⚙ Cosolidated cMajor and cStartupM scripts.
⚙ Modified several functions so pages can run without cMinor.

 Tasks completed December 2014

New: Six Things We'll Enjoy in Heaven
⚙ New: Feed My Sheep
⚙ Set up series of Bible verses on images with first two pages.

 Tasks completed November 2014

New: If a Man Dies, Shall He Live Again?
⚙ New: Was Paul Crucified for You?
⚙ New: Did God Really Say...?
⚙ Added language="en" to <html> on all pages and slides.
⚙ Configured viewport for mobile devices on all slides.
⚙ Reviewed, organised and adjusted stylesheet 000.
⚙ Improved sifi slot and button, appearance and width response.
⚙ Changed tabs from images to css and revised js function.
⚙ Decorated page headings with css outline and shadow.
⚙ Inserted Google stats code in title slide of all slide shows.
⚙ Added iconic initial pars to the 12 “mains” pages.
⚙ Checked all lookups in alpha index (bindex) files.
⚙ Special attention to scaled slide styles on stylesheet 007.
⚙ Reviewed, organised and adjusted main stylesheet 007.
⚙ Configured viewport for mobile devices on all pages.
⚙ Paginated lessons on Psalms f457 f015 f01p- f809

 Tasks completed October 2014

New: What Shall It Profit?
⚙ New: Do You Not Know?
⚙ New: What is Your Life?
⚙ New: What Does the Lord Require of You?
⚙ New: Brethren, What Shall We Do?
⚙ Integrated all New Testament books into phraseology.

 Tasks completed September 2014

New: Lord, To Whom Shall We Go?
⚙ New: By What Authority Do You Do These Things?
⚙ New: Who is the Prophet Speaking About?
⚙ New: The Armour of God Ephesians6:10-24
⚙ New: Master of the House Ephesians6:1-9
⚙ New: What Shall I Do, Lord?
⚙ Incorporated Bislama site into as dindexBisVu.
⚙ Made saved search term lookups display below cross references.
⚙ Upgraded search results page to mimic list pages.
⚙ Created new method and data to correct user typos in Phraseology.
⚙ Deleted old attempts at correcting typos in Finder/Phraseology.

 Tasks completed August 2014

New: So You Are a King?
⚙ New: What is Truth?
⚙ New: Husband and Wife Ephesians5:22-33
⚙ New: Walk in Light Ephesians5:1-21
⚙ New: Growing Up Ephesians4:11-32
⚙ New: The Tribulations of Jeremiah
⚙ Deleted defunct ZRed array and ExtraSearch function.
⚙ Added Google author coding to Aptja articles.
⚙ Added Google stats coding to Aptja articles and tested.
⚙ Added iframe to dhome, dhub, dmobile for Aptja articles.
⚙ Purged Aptja files leaving only the articles and article links.
⚙ Added html5shiv folder for older IE browsers to handle html5.
⚙ Revised head on all pages to switch from xhtml to html5.
⚙ Deleted old ip folders and replaced with latest version.
⚙ Removed ipic images in root directory and all references to them.
⚙ Checked all images in ip folder and corrected errors.
⚙ Upgrade to 2014 standard now complete for all series.
⚙ Upgraded and validated information pages to 2014 standard.
⚙ Upgraded and validated thread list pages to 2014 standard.
⚙ Removed thread1.htm and thread2.htm, revised dindexThred.htm
⚙ Found and fixed stray and anomalous files from upgrade.
⚙ Revision and consolidation of Journeys of the Soul series.
⚙ Upgraded to 2014 standard: OldTm, Hebrw, Mount, SoulJ, Lis2J.
⚙ Combined f32f with f315, and f32i with f319 (Hebrews)

 Tasks completed July 2014

New: Paul’s Prayer and Plea Ephesians3:14-21,4:1-6
⚙ New: The Mystery of Christ Ephesians3:1-13
⚙ New: Christ Our Peacemaker Ephesians2:11-22
⚙ Upgraded to 2014 standard: InGod, ChaCh, SealG, Light, MustD.
⚙ Upgraded to 2014 standard: Remem, Pet1L, Pet2L, LDays, PreMl.
⚙ Upgraded to 2014 standard: Minis, Elder, Outre, Parab, MTrib.
⚙ Upgraded to 2014 standard: PProv, Truth, Wellb, Happy, Ths1L.
⚙ Upgraded to 2014 standard: Jesus, SureS, Patie, Price, ScInf.
⚙ Upgraded to 2014 standard: Abstn, Dedic, Respn, Uplaw, Notes.
⚙ Upgraded to 2014 standard: Words, Train, Forgv, ActsF, PaulA.
⚙ Upgraded to 2014 standard: WoMan, SinLg, TrueC, NwCov, Start.
⚙ Removed the empty Hard Places series and purged all references.
⚙ Moved f273-he-led-captivity-captive.htm into the Ephesians series.
⚙ Several Improvements to the “Seal of God” series.
⚙ Complete revision of f354 with new scripture panel.
⚙ Combined f098 and f334 into one page (TrueC).
⚙ Improved "lists of sins" in f174 and f985 with Tooltip quotes.

 Tasks completed June 2014

New: God Guard You, Goad You, Guide You
⚙ New: Saved by Grace Ephesians2:1-10
⚙ New: Wisdom and Glory Ephesians1:15-23
⚙ New: We Are So Blessed! Ephesians1:1-14
⚙ Made set of sprites for pagination links.
⚙ Upgraded all alpha index pages to 2014 standard.
⚙ Set up for new series on Ephesians verse by verse.
⚙ Upgraded to 2014 standard: FullC, Order, James, Heart, IsaGl

 Tasks completed May 2014

New: Magazine Page 5
⚙ Removed noprint from <h1> headings.
⚙ Upgraded quiz pages and improved rendering in simple mode.
⚙ Made new QuizMaster interface using document.getElementById.
⚙ Improved coding for This, Next, and Prev references.
⚙ Eliminated defunct coding for splitting lessons into parts.
⚙ Upgraded 2014 standard: Authy, TIsrl, Glory, Tulip.

 Tasks completed April 2014

New: What Happened to Jesus?
⚙ Extended filename f380-sure-a-mansion-for-you.htm to f380-sure-a-mansion-for-you.htm
⚙ Upgraded 2014 standard: Money, Faith, ICanP, GenFa, AD70p, Ths2L.
⚙ Introduced box shadow into style sheets in selected elements.
⚙ Upgraded 2014 standard: Mirac, Tim1L, WhyBe, SvEms, Think, Magni, Discp

 Tasks completed March 2014

New: Why Worship Together on Sunday?
⚙ New: Death of the Ten Commandments
⚙ Revised pagewith sections to six: 250, 600, 750, 900, 1100, full.
⚙ Re-designed top menu and moved it to below the tabs.
⚙ Finished replacing javascript var Prange with css @media.
⚙ Finished transferring style sheets 001-005 to 000 @media.
⚙ Incorporated WordX, SoulX, RomBk indexes into Words, SoulJ, GPlan.
⚙ Adjusted tab system to show "About Us" instead of "Next Service".
⚙ Added all New Testament book abbreviations to SiBi phraseology.
⚙ Upgraded to 2014 standard: Galat and GPlan series .

 Tasks completed February 2014

New: Is Jesus God?
⚙ New: Have Miraculous Gifts Ceased?
⚙ New: Why Do Young People Leave?
⚙ Combined all two-part Revln lessons to single pages.
⚙ Made chart (image) "Who Has the Truth?"
⚙ Modified steps chart functions to mesh with css.
⚙ Combined f996 and f99a into single page.
⚙ Combined f466 and f46b into single page.
⚙ Combined f101 and f10w into single page.
⚙ Added keywords: youth, continue, to SiFi
⚙ Updated the 28 files that were using old tooltip popups.
⚙ Made new NOTE, INFO, and QUOTE flags for tooltip popups.

 Tasks completed January 2014

Downloaded, installed, modified, and tested new version of tooltips.
⚙ Made YouTube video The First Church
⚙ Made youtube video Queensland Cane Trains
⚙ Paginated f040-proverbs-for-now.htm and f041-the-book-of-proverbs.htm —Book of Proverbs

 Tasks completed December 2013

Fixed bug: Filename dnotfound.htm not hidden from prev/next.
⚙ Added YouTube logos/links to social media menus.
⚙ Combined parts in f174, f428, f229, f594, f190, f003, f976.
⚙ Made SiFi keywords "need" and "boast".
⚙ Made images and html templates for pagination.
⚙ Replaced "We have seen his glory" with "We beheld...".
⚙ Marked up the Glory series for pagination.
⚙ 2014 Upgraded: Warn, Glory, Three, James (series).
⚙ Removed "this page" info from under tabs.

 Tasks completed November 2013

New: More Devil’s Devices
⚙ New: A Jealous God
⚙ New: Magazine page 4
⚙ Upgraded lesson f04d, Mind and Brain
⚙ Upgraded lesson f73a, The Devil’s Devices
⚙ Added keywords: jealous, atheism, to SiFi
⚙ Added numerous rewrite rules for pdf to htaccess
⚙ Fixed 25 crawl errors notified by Google WT

 Tasks completed October 2013

New: Seven Precious Promises
⚙ Added rewrite rules for pdf versions of all glossary files.
⚙ Converted all glossary files to explanatory filenames.
⚙ Made and uploaded the first six slide show videos on YouTube.
⚙ Created e-book Acts Facts (1)
⚙ Made four AVM excerpts on YouTube, 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c (Now 14).
⚙ Added keywords: Digest, Matthew, Mark, Luke, to SiFi
⚙ Converted 065|06a (Storm on Galilee) into separate lessons.

 Tasks completed September 2013

New: Was Isaac a Pedophile? (Notes)
⚙ New: Magazine - Page 3
⚙ New: Magazine - Page 2
⚙ New: Magazine - Page 1
⚙ New: Total Christianity: Head, Heart, Hands
⚙ Made 8 more AVM excerpts on YouTube, 1c to 3b. (Now 10)
⚙ Checked and corrected ip images for proper size 270x270.
⚙ Included social media icons and simple button in top menu.
⚙ Checked and updated all links on the links page.
⚙ Made index pages for YouTube Slideshows and YouTube AVM clips.
⚙ Opened a YouTube channel for AVM, and uploaded 3 finished AVM excerpts.

 Tasks completed August 2013

Provided an URL to link to, showing at the bottom of each page.
⚙ Made two test excerpts 1a,1b on Youtube from AVM TrueC1.avi.
⚙ Uploaded SpiritualLightTrilogy (3 slide shows) to Youtube.
⚙ Converted slide images to 16:9 aspect ratio (1066 pixels wide).
⚙ Added new keywords to SiFi: condemn,
⚙ Combined f39a and f39b into single page f39a.
⚙ All posters completed for all topics (ip folder, 96 images).
⚙ Updated twitter, facebook, Google+, and pinterest featuring f470.
⚙ Added extra notes to f470, plus a calculator, re the number 153.

 Tasks completed July 2013

New: Turning Sorrow to Joy (Isaiah 53)
⚙ New: Is That “Dead” Church Really Dead?
⚙ Resized and renamed tab images and adjusted functions that handle them.
⚙ Added logo inside noscript tags to all pages.
⚙ Upgraded the AssembleFinder functions that display the SiFi slot.
⚙ Improved page end functions to size SiFi slot and logo with css.
⚙ Decommissioned stylesheets 005 and 004.
⚙ Revamped index.htm Welcome Page to look more interesting.
⚙ Made header elements work on css only, without Javascript Prange.
⚙ Upgraded Isaiah Quotes pages. Eliminated javascript text boxes and anchor ids.
⚙ Changed filenames of several landing pages to explanatory long filenames.
⚙ Checked that long explanatory filenames have helped SEO. Affirmative.
⚙ Eliminated "althead" from all pages of site. It no longer suits page design.
⚙ Created default ipic for series not yet represented in “ip” folder.
⚙ Marked up all pages of site to show new ipic when created.
⚙ Set up folder named “ip” for improved, renamed, and resized ipics.
⚙ Did author markup on all pages of site —works on Google.
⚙ Added http header to htaccess for charset UTF-8.

 Tasks completed June 2013

Posted article in blog re Kevin Rudd on marriage law.
⚙ Removed down arrow from headings to speed up page load.
⚙ Purged all .doc files, making sure equivalent .pdf exists.
⚙ Made set of pdf files for 34 Glossary word studies.
⚙ Got the pdf box operating in Pick-a-box by rewrite of function.
⚙ Created a folder for pdf files and moved any from root directory.
⚙ Purged hrefs from Bundaberg sermons/classes listings.
⚙ Split f907 (Isaiah outline 32-39) to f90i-isaiah-[etc].
⚙ Split f905 (Isaiah outline 15-23) to f90h-isaiah-[etc].
⚙ Started adding images to sitemap for Google’s image index.
⚙ Gave explanatory file names to Isaiah Outlines to test system.
⚙ Modified scripts to allow explanatory file names for SEO.
⚙ Redirected and deleted nine redundant files (dindex type)
⚙ Redirected and deleted about 50 redundant files (fxxx type).
⚙ Improved crosswords markup (no images and suits all browsers).
⚙ Edited f743, f576, Revelation series (checked by CB)
⚙ Improved “Seven Events of the Last Day” f997.
⚙ Eliminated daptja leaving dmobile to do the job.
⚙ Deleted AptjaClick() from library and purged all references to it.
⚙ Pointed to dindexLis2J.htm via cPanel.
⚙ Transferred to Digital Pacific.

 Tasks completed May 2013

New: Mary, Example of Motherhood
⚙ New: The Lord’s Supper, Anywhere, Anytime?
⚙ Edited f156, f600, Revelation series (checked by CB)

 Tasks completed April 2013

New: The Anchor of Truth
⚙ New: The Anchor of Weakness
⚙ New: The Anchor of Hope
⚙ New: The Anchor of Assurance
⚙ New: Renewing the Anchors
⚙ Updated Pinterest and Google+ pages with new pins and posts.
⚙ Added “DIR” box in pick-a-box for directory.
⚙ Resolved Prev/Next titles showing incorrectly on some pages.
⚙ Thoroughly revised PageEndPsimple() function.
⚙ Replaced ServiceSelect() with a simpler version.
⚙ Added a second treetop page for more main pages.
⚙ Made SiFi turn common numbers into keywords.
⚙ Added “decalogue” and “tree”keywords to SiFi.
⚙ Changed position of simple button to avoid conflict with scrollbar.
⚙ Modified alpha index to use sprites instead of multiple images.

 Tasks completed March 2013

Completed elimination of T() and disconnected Thesaurus from SiFi.

 Tasks completed February 2013

New: But What is Right?
⚙ New: Acts 22:1-30 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 23:1-35 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 24:1-27 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 25:1-27 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 26:1-32 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 27:1-44 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 28:1-31 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Undenominational Way(Slide show).
⚙ Upgraded the SiFi keywords page to work automatically from Xrefs.
⚙ Four new pick-a-boxes, Acts, Slides, Parables, Tulip.
⚙ Eliminated T() for keywords in the bracket c-v.

 Tasks completed January 2013

New: Acts 21:18-40 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 21:1-17 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Christ’s Throne, Scepter, Annointing.
⚙ New: The Way (Chart).
⚙ New: Body and Spirit.
⚙ New: Tweets on Twitter.
⚙ Eliminated T() for keywords starting with b.
⚙ Made sprites for service pages (see style sheet 7).
⚙ Merged print and simple buttons into pick-a-box.
⚙ Converted pick-a-box to sprites for looks and load time.
⚙ Converted minialpha to sprites (sidebar of alpha pages).
⚙ Revamped the hub, treetop, admin, home, and service directory.
⚙ Added a Twitter page to associated social media.
⚙ Added a Pinterest page to associated social media.
⚙ Added a Google+ page to associated social media.

 Tasks completed December 2012

New: Acts 20:17-38 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 20:1-16 verse by verse.
⚙ New: New Year and Still Here.
⚙ Eliminated T() for keywords starting with k,q,y,z.

 Tasks completed November 2012

New: Listen to Jesus (six Slide shows).
⚙ Found rare endless loop error in ThesaurusScan function and prevented.
⚙ Eliminated T() for keywords starting with a.
⚙ Edited Phraseology script in several places to mesh with Mentality.
⚙ Revamped the draft Mentality script for SiFi —working well.
⚙ Removed two redundant "eliminate terms" functions from Finder.
⚙ Added keywords "achieve", "you", to SiFi database.
⚙ Started new database DBd for not found suggestion function to access.
⚙ Added smart suggestion function for “not found” in SiFi.

 Tasks completed October 2012

New: In My Father’s House
⚙ New: Seek First the Kingdom.
⚙ New: I Never Knew You.
⚙ New: Narrow is the Gate.
⚙ New: In Need of a Physician.
⚙ New: Signs of the Times.
⚙ New: Paul’s Trips to Visit Jerusalem,
⚙ New: The Power of Examples(Slides).
⚙ New: The Power of Bible Examples.
⚙ New: Acts 19:21-41 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 19:1-20 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 18:18-21 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 18:1-17 verse by verse.
⚙ Added new series “Listen to Jesus” (Lis2J).
⚙ Added keyword "hear" to SiFi database.
⚙ Fully revised and simplified the startup script.
⚙ Found about 60 instances of unspecified FNIn and fixed them.
⚙ Provided SiFi with specific synopses for each series of lessons.
⚙ Greatly simplified class/flag system in SiFi for efficiency.
⚙ Completed the correction of all duplicate meta descriptions.

 Tasks completed September 2012

New: Acts 17:16-34 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 17:1-15 verse by verse.
⚙ New: The Love of God (Slide show).
⚙ New: How God AnswersPrayer (Slide show).
⚙ New: Times Of Jesus (YouTube 2018).
⚙ New: (YouTube) Is Jesus God? (Slide show).
⚙ New: Man of Sorrows (Slide show).
⚙ The upgrade of alphabetical indexes with synopses is now complete.
⚙ Remade index.htm as a welcome page distinct from the home page (dhome.htm).
⚙ Completed correction of all duplicate title tags.
⚙ Added “sorrow” keyword to SiFi data base.
⚙ Added “question/answer” keywords to SiFi data base.
⚙ Made quiz flag and added “qui” class/syncode to Finder/dbaseB
⚙ Pointed to and tested it.
⚙ Designed and implemented a method for creating slide shows using browser only.

 Tasks completed August 2012

New: Acts 16:16-40 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 16:1-15 verse by verse.
⚙ New: The Basis of Fellowship.
⚙ New: Full Sufficiency of Grace.
⚙ Targeted for SEO: f028, Is baptism immersion?
⚙ Added callouts to the annotations system to provide short notes.
⚙ Inserted synopses on half of the alphabetical indexes.
⚙ Made some minor updates to the Home page, Hub, and Digest.

 Tasks completed July 2012

New: Acts 15:32-41 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 15:13-31 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 15:1-12 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 14:19-28 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 14:1-18 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 13:43-52 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Edified by Superior Thought.
⚙ New: List of Miracles in the Wilderness.
⚙ Major revamp of alpha indexes: completed except for synopses.

 Tasks completed June 2012

New: Acts 13:13-42 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 13:1-12 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 12:18-25 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 12:1-17 verse by verse.
⚙ New: List of Appearances of the Risen Lord.
⚙ New: List of facts About Jeremiah.
⚙ New: Seven Questions Scientists Cannot Answer.
⚙ New: History of Instrumental Music in Worship.
⚙ Archived the datafast site; no further uploads will be made.
⚙ Programmed a notice and redirect button to appear on all datafast pages.
⚙ Made all links absolute on all datafast pages (pointing to
⚙ Targeted CTR on 660, List of Parables That Jesus Told.
⚙ Targeted CTR (110/-) on 967, The Greatest Commandment.
⚙ Corrected over 100 duplications in meta tags.
⚙ Split the alphabetical subindexes into smaller pages ready for revamp.

 Tasks completed May 2012

New: Ronald Weinland’s Dud Date
⚙ New: Acts 11:19-30 verse by verse
⚙ New: Acts 11:1-18 verse by verse
⚙ New: Acts 10:34-48 verse by verse
⚙ New: Acts 10:24-33 verse by verse
⚙ New: Acts 10:1-23 verse by verse
⚙ New: Mary, Mother of Jesus
⚙ New: Notes on the Passover
⚙ Corrected simple version malfunction in Revelation indexes.
⚙ Checked links page for broken links and added 3 new links.
⚙ Made a new Bible Questions page replacing dfaq1.
⚙ Made a new FAQ page with icon on home page.
⚙ Added “Passover” to SciFi database.
⚙ Eliminated class="invisible" from all pages. No longer needed.
⚙ Placed a facebook “like” widget above pick-a-box.

 Tasks completed Apr 2012

New: Be a Donkey.
⚙ All keys now replaced with individual globals in all scripts.
⚙ Blog posts: Faith Alone Forum; Why Are We Here? Silly Question?
⚙ Completely revised functions for page header - a function for each mode.
⚙ Made sidebar contents show on narrow windows but at bottom of page.
⚙ Edited Pick-a-box image and map to accommodate facebook and blog.
⚙ Upgraded the facebook page for including banner image.
⚙ Blog post on WordPress: A miserable morning with Facebook.
⚙ Attempted SEO on I can do all things... (f125), and define covenant (f216).

 Tasks completed Mar 2012

New: Shapes of the Christian Life.
⚙ New: Busting the Faith Only Myth.
⚙ New: It Ain't You, It Ain't Me.
⚙ New: Acts 9:1-19 verse by verse
⚙ New: Acts 9:20-31 verse by verse
⚙ New: Acts 9:32-43 verse by verse
⚙ New: Acts 8:26-40 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 8:1-25 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 7:42-60 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 7:20-41 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 7:1-19 verse by verse.
⚙ Hid page history behind Australian Flag image (click flag to see).
⚙ Commenced replacing content of Datafast files with “left address”.
⚙ Created a “left address” page for redirecting Datafast files.
⚙ Upgraded the help page to better take account of javascript on/off.
⚙ Made an “advert” style to go under ipic on some pages.
⚙ Added extra styling to kanga korna and sidebar for nicer design.
⚙ Improved numerous short/duplicate meta titles and descriptions.
⚙ Added to .htaccess a fix for javascript filenames becoming all lowercase.
Found that Internet Explorer does not empty cache when purporting to.
⚙ Implemented a cache buster for cLibrary, cMajor, cMinor.
⚙ Added a short cVersion.js to control. This for cache buster.

 Tasks completed Feb 2012

New: You Shall Know the Truth (John 8:32)
⚙ New: Acts 6:1-15 verse by verse.
⚙ New: Acts 5:17-42 verse by verse.
⚙ Replaced key 16 with Parts array, and eliminated key 69.
⚙ Transferred some Home Page icons to a new Admin page.
⚙ Minor coding changes to much improve speed of File Name Index searching.
⚙ Replaced all instances of the old series code "TOI" with standard "TIsrl".
⚙ Replaced all instances of the old series code "JOS" with standard "SoulJ".
⚙ Replaced all instances of the old series code "REV" with standard "Revln".
⚙ Improved the Revelation indexes and the way the Revelation Index tab operates.
⚙ Added ipic to all of the threads pages.
⚙ Upgraded the 12 main service pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded 17 information pages to 2011 standard and updated text.
⚙ Upgraded tabs on all service pages, in particular to always show five tabs.
⚙ Added a “Study Series” tab to the stock of tabs. It is coded as bctopics.
⚙ Added a “Bible Books” tab to the stock of tabs. It is coded as bcbooks.
⚙ Added an “Abbreviations” tab to the stock of tabs. It is coded as bcabbrev.
⚙ Programmed a “Related Series” tab to appear when less than five tabs exist.
⚙ Reorganized all lessons of three parts into two parts or two lessons.
⚙ Tidied up the sidebar for all series for better looks and faster loading.
⚙ Simplified scripting related to lesson parts.

 Tasks completed Jan 2012

New: New Carts
⚙ New: Believing in Creation (Hebrews 11:3)
⚙ New: Acts 4:23-37 verse by verse
⚙ New: Grace to the Humble
⚙ New: Acts 4:1-22 verse by verse
⚙ New: Acts 3:12-36 verse by verse
⚙ New: Acts 2:1-11 verse by verse
⚙ New: Acts 2:14-36 verse by verse
⚙ New: Acts 2:37-47 verse by verse
⚙ Tested site in Chrome, Firefox, Opera. Fixed bug in sidebar.
⚙ Fixed six faults that were generating not found 404 errors.
⚙ Added a crossdomain.xml file to root directory.
⚙ Designed and added an apple-touch-icon to the root directory for iphones.
⚙ Finder needed fix for Google/Android browsers: js .replace() not handling "@".
⚙ Upgraded all 12 “Elders” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 17 “True Church” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 15 “Think-Romans” pages to 2011 standard, and split four.
⚙ Upgraded all 12 “Outreach” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 12 “Paul Amazing Man” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 11 “Remember” pages to 2011 standard, and split one.
⚙ Upgraded all 16 “Seal of God” pages to 2011 standard.

 Tasks completed Dec 2011

New: A Time for Gifts
⚙ Upgraded all 12 “Thessalonians” pages to 2011 standard and split one.
⚙ Upgraded all 11 “Galatians” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 10 “Man and Woman” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 23 “Premillennialism” pages to 2011 standard and split 4.
⚙ Upgraded all 9 “AD70” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Revised the File Name Index (FNI) and the Tally system.
⚙ Improved page data function in library; it was spaghetti.
⚙ Updated help and user tips (all pages) to reflect recent changes.

 Tasks completed Nov 2011

New: The Sealed and Sanctified Heart
⚙ New: We Are Not Ignorant of His Devices (2Corinthians 2:11)
⚙ Made simpler, faster loading, page banner for page ranges 3 to 5.
⚙ Upgraded all 18 “Last Days” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 12 “Ministry” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 19 “I Can!” pages to 2011 standard, and split one.
⚙ Upgraded all 12 “Involvement With God” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 14 “Heart” pages to 2011 standard, including one new.
⚙ Upgraded all 9 “Responsibilities” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 9 “Faith Hope Love” pages to 2011 standard, and split one.
⚙ Upgraded all 18 “Tulip” pages to 2011 standard, and split 4.
⚙ Upgraded all 8 “Truth In Love” pages to 2011 standard, and split one.
⚙ Upgraded all 7 “Notes” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 11 “Glory” pages to 2011 standard, and split two.
⚙ Upgraded all 9 “Why Be Religious” pages to 2011 standard, and split two.
⚙ Upgraded all 12 “Warnings” pages to 2011 standard, including new.

 Tasks completed Oct 2011

Changed heading line in all upgraded pages (auto find and replace).
⚙ Removed all references to columns and right menus out of use since 2010.
⚙ Improved print and simple modes and their supporting style sheets.
⚙ Revised and edited the Hebrews series splitting several lessons into two.
⚙ Upgraded all 14 “Genuine Faith” pages to 2011 standard; split three.
⚙ Upgraded all 32 “Soul Journeys” pages to 2011 standard; split one.
⚙ Upgraded all 27 “Hebrews” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 21 “Christ Is All” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 21 “Spiritual Enlightenment” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 5 “New Covenant” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 21 “Challenge and Change” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 22 “Blessed Assurance” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 29 “Parables” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 16 “Miracles” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 8 “Upholding Law” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 31 “Jesus” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Added “medic” and “magic” to SiFi database.
⚙ Installed favicon.ico (favourites icon) in root directory favicon
⚙ Installed a .htaccess file, and error default page (dnotfound.htm), for 404 errors.
⚙ Programmed avoidance of the [notfound] page in previous and next links.
⚙ Changed KEY 75 to global PrevPageStem and KEY 91 to global NextPageStem.
⚙ Installed a minimal robots.txt file in root directory and tested it.
⚙ Shortened the default home/welcome page (index.htm) and upgraded icon scripts.
⚙ Combined most pick-a-box images into two mapped 5x5 grid images for faster loading.

 New Hosting Sep 2011

Set up new site hosting for domain independent of current ISP.
⚙ Uploaded site to new web host and tested thoroughly on temporary URL.
⚙ Corrected a minor file name issue on a few gif images.
⚙ Delegated nameservers (DNS) from domain name host to new web host.
⚙ Edited site map on both sites to same new URL
⚙ Set up Google Analytics account for, verified, submitted sitemap.
⚙ Set up Bing Analytics account for and verified, submitted sitemap.
⚙ Set up Yahoo account, submitted site, authenticated, submitted sitemap.
⚙ Edited javascripts to make identical scripts work on both old and new sites.
⚙ Edited javascripts to point most automatic hrefs on old site to the new site (back button preserved).
⚙ Pointed [www.] to [www.] (new site).
⚙ Several checks that Google is attributing traffic to new site.
⚙ Updated What's New with an explanation of how site migration is seamless for users.
⚙ 20 Sep, corrected 21 crawl errors on notified by Google.
⚙ Added canonical links to over 1300 files - names starting with b,d, and f.
⚙ Checked that Google indexing is starting to show (yes).

 Tasks completed Sep 2011

Upgraded all 15 “Forgiveness” pages to 2011 standard and split 1 lesson.
⚙ Upgraded all 45 “Bible Interpretation” pages to 2011 standard and split 10 lessons.
⚙ Upgraded all 19 “Quiz/Puzzle” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 20 “Old Testament” pages to 2011 standard, and split one lesson into parts.
⚙ Upgraded all 7 “Patience” pages to 2011 standard, added pdf tracts.
⚙ Upgraded all 8 “First John” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 11 “Priceless Things” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 10 “Disciples” pages to 2011 standard, and split one lesson into parts.
⚙ Upgraded all 8 “Abstinence” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 7 “How To Be Happy” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 7 “Seven Influences” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 5 “Dead or Dedicated?” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 6 “Ancient Order” pages to 2011 standard, and changed chart markup.
⚙ Upgraded all 34 “Sermon on the Mount” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Added keywords “mount” and “sermon” to SiFi.
⚙ Revised the quizzes and puzzles in “Sermon on the Mount” series.

 Tasks completed Aug 2011

New: Woe Songs to Babylon (Revelation 18:1-24)
⚙ New: The Seventh Song (Revelation 19:1-10)
⚙ New: The Angel Explains (Revelation 17:7-18)
⚙ New: The King in His Glory (Revelation 19:11-21)
⚙ Completed the series Revelation the Book.
⚙ Made Revelation index tab link from lesson pages to appropriate sub index.
⚙ Made image map for “Seven Ems” ipic.
⚙ Upgraded all 6 “SStudy Starters” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 8 “Spiritual Wellbeing” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 12 “Faith to Faith” pages to 2011 standard, and split 4 lessons into parts.
⚙ Upgraded all 24 “Success in the Pulpit” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 19 “What Must I Do” pages to 2011 standard, and split 1 lesson into parts.
⚙ Upgraded all 6 “James” pages to 2011 standard, and split 1 lesson into parts.
⚙ Upgraded all 10 “Seven Ems” pages to 2011 standard, and split 3 lessons into parts.
⚙ Upgraded all 5 “James” pages to 2011 standard and upgraded the ipic image map.
⚙ Upgraded all 94 “Revelation the Book” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 9 “Magnificent Promises” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 5 “Money Matters” pages to 2011 standard and split 1 lesson.
⚙ Upgraded 10 “1st Timothy” pages to 2011 standard, and split 2 lessons into parts.
⚙ Improved accessibility for sight impaired, and inserted large right corner icons.
⚙ Made Service pages index and automatic icons operate within Simple mode.
⚙ Integrated Simple and FixPage systems with SiFi — input now transports.
⚙ Split lesson on He Led Captivity Captive into two parts; it was too long.
⚙ Edited style sheets to make a new alternative header for javascript disabled.
⚙ Also made a better header for simple mode, giving page information.
⚙ Made ipics behave correctly when javascript disabled or simple mode is on.
⚙ Found cause of occasional printing of extra blank page and fixed problem.
⚙ Created a List tab to take user to the series listing. Appears adjacent to Next tab.
⚙ Made a new GetListInfo() function to better manage titles on all LIST links.
⚙ Eliminated instances of KEY 90 now changed to SeriesTitle global variable.
⚙ Eliminated instances of KEY 84 now changed to SeriesTally global variable.
⚙ Improved style of multiple choice questions and repositioned on 21 pages.

 Tasks completed Jul 2011

New: Symbols of Christ’s Death
⚙ Split “Jesus” keyword to reference “More about Jesus”
⚙ Made and installed “ipic” on all information pages.
⚙ Updated links page and removed broken links.
⚙ Added “SHOW ME” buttons to several icon scripts.
⚙ Added a Maps Index tab to show on the ActsFacts series.
⚙ Eliminated all references to files f61u and f61d and deleted them on server etc.
⚙ Upgraded all 86 “Times of Israel” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 46 “Isaiah Gleanings” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 23 “Acts Facts” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 16 “Wonderful Words” pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Upgraded all 34 “Glossary pages to 2011 standard.
⚙ Adjusted print style sheet to exclude ipic and increase width of content.
⚙ Made page data appear on smaller screen widths except narrowest.
⚙ Upgraded Treetop page and set next/previous links to go to the Hub.

 Tasks completed Jun 2011

New: The Origin of Life on Earth
⚙ Converted the eleven topic lists into separate and independent indexes for each series.
⚙ Upgraded the series listing and organized it into topic clusters (dtopics.htm)
⚙ Made two cluster indexes, "The Last Days", and "Jesus Christ".

 Tasks completed May 2011

New: Forgiveness in Old Testament Times
⚙ New: From the Flood to the Fire
⚙ New: Why Harold Camping’s Prediction Failed
⚙ New: Believing a Lie
⚙ Eliminated instances of KEY 50 disused counters, and KEY 65 disused comments, from all scripts.
⚙ Major rewrite of Phraseology script (building on April upgrade) to connect it to the thesaurus.
⚙ Transferred Phraseology data to the thesaurus greatly improving efficiency and ease of management.
⚙ Eliminated need for fourth segment in Xrefs, dBaseA,B,C; Changed some functions in Finder accordingly.
⚙ Did a check and correct through the Xrefs database and dBaseA,B,C; Made many additions to Thesaurus.
⚙ Added several functions to the Mentality script to gain "Best lesson" and lookups for skipped terms.

 Tasks completed Apr 2011

New:Is Medicine Magic?
⚙ Split lesson "Enlightenment" into 3 parts because it was too long and cluttered.
⚙ Split lesson "Unconditional Election" into 3 parts because it was too long and cluttered.
⚙ Added train picture to "Success in the Pulpit" pages; added other pictures to other pages.
⚙ Greatly improved SiFi's Phraseology system —new functions and efficiencies.
⚙ Improved row of navigation tabs —more control of size and titles.
⚙ Checked for broken links and updated links page; improved SiFi images and the SiFi help page.
⚙ Changed page structure of the 34 word studies in the glossary series; table layout removed.
⚙ Made SiFi able to give specified files high priority and list them at top.
⚙ Split thread list 1 into several short individual lists.

 Tasks completed Mar 2011

New: The Name Jesus
⚙ New: Five Marks of Good Teaching
⚙ New: The Love of God
⚙ Revised SimplyBibleFinder gizmos for compatibility with touch screens.
⚙ Solved problem in bypassing a bugged URL frame redirect (URL masking).
⚙ Upgraded page data display in sidebar and changed its appearance.
⚙ Replaced key 42 with a PageDescr() library function to improve page descriptions.
⚙ Separated Quizzes from Crosswords to act as independent series.
⚙ Simplified display of Quizzes for compatibility with Android and similar browsers.
⚙ Added Library functions to give me the option of coding quiz answers directly on the page.
⚙ Edited all quiz pages, including Acts and Philippians, to suit the new display.
⚙ Added Philippians quiz to QuizMaster database, increasing number of questions to 461.
⚙ Eliminated all KEYs from the Phraseology script.
⚙ Split topic lists 1 and 9 into several shorter lists.
⚙ Added a function to Finder so alpha indexes open directly upon single letter inputs.

 Tasks completed Feb 2011

In Brisbane and Tokyo for the month.
⚙Reviewed website's behaviour on touch screen tablet —made notes.

 Tasks completed Jan 2011

New: Chain Thinking to Understand the Bible
⚙ New: Mother of Harlots (Revelation 17:1-18)
⚙ New: The Lamb and his First Fruits (Revelation 14:1-5)
⚙ New: Three Angelic Messengers (Revelation 14:6-13)
⚙ New: The Two Reapers (Revelation 14:14-20)
⚙ New: The Beast from the Sea (Revelation 13:1-10)
⚙ New: The Beast from the Earth (Revelation 13:11-17)
⚙ New: Scenes in Heaven (Revelation 15)
⚙ New: Bowls of God’s Wrath (Revelation 16)
⚙ Added a byline to all Bible studies and linked the byline to author page.
⚙ Updated the outline of Revelation and the sidebar series description.

Start of 2011

Started year 2011 with 1374 pages on the site, made up of: Bible Studies 990, Extra lesson parts 143, Training pages 23, Quiz and Puzzle pages 38, Indexes 64, Documentation pages 39, Information pages 38, Aptja pages 39. The site size is 23mb and contains 2385 objects.

Copyright on print